How to get Refined Parts in Once Human

Jessica Filby
Once Human how to get Refined Parts

Once Human has tons of resources to find throughout its extensive map – but not all are as easy as Copper, Water, or Wood. Refined Parts certainly fall under that category. So, here’s where to find and how to get Refined Parts in Once Human.

Whether you’re looking to build a fantastic base, craft some powerful weapons, create new gear, or just ensure you’re well stocked, grabbing the game’s resources can end up being a pretty tricky task. Especially if you’re not too sure how or where to get hold of them.

Refined Parts are one such resource, and have been eluding players since the game came out. So, to ensure you’re able to fight those monsters with ease, here’s where to find and how to get Refined Parts in Once Human.

Where to find Refined Parts

Refined Parts Once Human location

Refined Parts aren’t actually a resource you can find, instead, you need to locate scraps and disassemble them.

The scraps that produce Refined Parts can be found in the Iron River, which is located in the far east section of the map, just above the Dayton Wetlands (which is where you’ll likely have spawned in).

While it does say you need to be level 21, you can still enter at any level. Just be more careful as enemies are more powerful here.

When you’re there, head into larger structures and look for loot. It’s recommended you grab as much as you can, to save having to go back into danger later.

How to get Refined Parts

Refined Parts Once Human

As previously mentioned, you can get Refined Parts by disassembling your Scrap in Once Human.

Once you’ve grabbed a good amount of Scrap, head back to your base and open up your Disassembly Machine. Then, stick your Scrap inside and break it down into useable parts.

We’ve found that Fine Stock and Filters give you Refined Parts, with Filters granting you three, and Fine Stock granting two.

However, as previously mentioned, we suggest grabbing everything you see, as more items will give you Refined Parts and will still contain useful materials.

So, that’s how to find Refined Parts in Once Human. While you’re preparing to head into the Iron River, be sure to keep an eye out for Tin Ore, or check out how to play with your friends by changing worlds, so you can have a few extra eyes during your hunt.

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