How to find and use the Can Opener in Sons of the Forest

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Finding and using the Can Opener in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest allows players to use food as an essential supply needed for survival and one valuable tool for accessing food sources is the Can Opener and here’s how you can find it.

In the dangerous world of Sons of the Forest, survival is paramount. Players must navigate the treacherous landscape, fend off hostile creatures, and meet their basic needs to stand a chance against the island’s horrors.

One such basic need is food and on the desolate island of Sons of the Forest, canned food is your go-to item to keep your hunger meter filled. However, to be able to eat canned food you need to combine it with Can Opener.

By knowing where to find the Can Opener in the game and how to utilize it effectively, players can ensure their survival and maintain their strength in the face of the island’s dangers.

Where to find the Can Opener in Sons of the Forest

Finding the can opener in Sons of the Forest.
The exact location of the Can Opener in Sons Of The Forest.

The Can Opener can be obtained relatively early in the game. Here’s how you can find it:

  • The Can Opener is located near a bunch of tents located right next to a frozen lake at the base of the tall mountain in the center of the island. Players should head towards the cave marker on the map, climbing the mountain path until they reach a small ice-covered lake with abandoned tents scattered around.
  • You can find the Can Opener outside the tent that is furthest from the cave entrance. It can be spotted on the ground directly to the left of the tent in the snow.

How to use the Can Opener

Using the Can Opener in Sons of the Forest.
Using the Can Opener in Sons of the Forest.

Once you have acquired the Can Opener, you can finally use it to open canned food.

  • You may come across Canned Food during your exploration of the island. One such canned food can be found near the iced-over lake, close to a snow sled in the same area where the Can Opener is located.
  • You can use the Can Opener with canned food to make it into cat food. Once you have the Cat Food, you can interact with the food to eat it immediately or place it in your inventory.
  • Consuming Cat Food fills the player’s hunger meter significantly.

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