How to get a shovel in Sons of the Forest

a shovel in Sons of the ForestEndnight Games

A shovel is a pretty helpful tool in Sons of the Forest. So, here’s a handy guide with everything you need to find one and get digging.

Sons of the Forest has finally been released in early access worldwide. Being the sequel to the very popular survival video game, The Forest, it stays true to the feel of the game released in 2014.

A shovel is quite an essential tool in most survival games. Not only does it help you to dig through and extract useful items but can also come in handy to defend against certain enemies. Sons of the Forest is no different.

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However, locating one is not as easy as in the other survival games. If you’re wondering how to get a shovel in Sons of the Forest, our handy guide has everything you need to find one.

Sons of the Forest gameplayEndnight Games
Sons of the Forest features an AI companion.

Where to find a shovel in Sons of the Forest

The shovel is located at the center of the map (west of the snow-capped mountains), hidden deep inside a cave. The entrance of the cave is partially submerged and getting hands on the shovel will be a challenge. You will require a set of equipment that includes a Rope Gun, a Rebreather, a spear, and explosives.

The spear will come in handy during fights against hostile NPCs in the cave – unless you’re playing the game at Peaceful difficulty. Once you enter the cave, you’ll need to use the Rope Gun to cross a cavern inside. From there, head down into the water through a narrow passage. The Rebreather will be useful here to stay submerged for longer and not…you know, drown.

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As you move to the next portion of the cave, you’ll come across enemies, all of which are trying to cause you bodily harm. Your weapons and explosives will come in handy to clear the way. Continue moving forward and head straight down, and you’ll happen upon a slippery slope.

Eventually, you’ll arrive at the end of the cave, where a dead extractor with a yellow jacket will be lying down with a shovel in his hand. Blow through one of the fleshy creatures blocking the exit to find your way out of the cave. Alternatively, if you are wondering how to collect water in Sons of the Forest, our guide has everything you need.

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And that’s it! Your team now has the shovel and it will be extremely helpful in crafting items and building much faster.

So, there you have it — that’s a detailed guide on how you can find a shovel in Sons of the Forest.