All enemies in Sons of the Forest: Cannibals, mutants & more

some cannibals in Sons of the ForestEndnight Games

Like its prequel, Sons of the Forest is filled with various types of enemies in every corner, so here’s a rundown of all types of enemies you’ll encounter, from cannibals to mutants and titans.

Sons of the Forest brings a fresh slew of adventures filled with excitement and horror for all. Released years after the success of The Forest, the game features realistic graphics along with enhanced AI.

As Sons of the Forest belongs to the survival horror genre, a plethora of enemies are scattered all over the map of the game that you’ll need to avoid or fight. These enemies vary from Cannibals, which can be taken down with a few hits, to Demons and Titans which are insanely difficult to beat.

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If you’re wanting to find out everything there is to know about all enemies in Sons of the Forest, including how many enemy types there are, our handy guide has everything you need to know.


sons of the forest gameplayEndnight Games
There seems to be something different about the mutants in Sons of the Forest.

How many types of enemies are there in Sons of the Forest?

There are a total of three types of enemies in Sons of the ForestCannibals, Mutants, and Hostile Animals. Each of these is subdivided into several kinds:

  • Cannibals
    • Regular Cannibals
    • Cave Cannibals
    • Golden-Masked Cannibals
    • Propeller carrier
    • Dirty Cannibals
  • Creepy Mutants
    • Fingers
    • Twins
    • Mutant Babies
    • John 2.0 (Conjoined worm mutant)
    • Sluggy (The Blob)
    • Demon
    • Titan
  • Hostile Animals
    • Sharks

Some of these enemies are brand new to Sons of the Forest, like Golden-Masked Cannibals, and were not present in the original game. With that said, let’s take a look at each of these enemies in detail.

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All enemies and mutants in Sons of the Forest

a golden masked cannibal in Sons of the ForestEndnight Games
Golden-masked cannibals are the leaders of a group.

Cannibals in Sons of the Forest

As shown in the list above, there are five types of Cannibals in the game. Regular Cannibals dwell in packs and sometimes appear in neon paint. They may often get into a fight with other tribes but mostly they intend to steal resources from the player.

Cave Cannibals spawn only inside caves and lack any sense of sight and can be skinned to craft a piece of creepy armor. Golden-Masked Cannibals are slightly more hostile (and stronger) than the previous two. They are generally the leaders of a group and wear golden or red masks.

Propeller Carriers also wear a golden mask, carrying a massive, motorized propeller that deals heavy damage when hit. Finally, Dirty Cannibals — the most common type of cannibals — typically can be found hiding in bushes, waiting to jump out and scare you. They can also easily dodge your attacks.

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a finger mutant in Sons of the ForestEndnight Games
Fingers use echolocation to sense the players.

Mutants in Sons of the Forest

The first type of Mutant you will encounter in Sons of the Forest is the Fingers, which are mostly found in caves with large gaping mouths, dealing heavy damage when hit. So, carry a Stun Gun or attack from a range to counter them.

The next type, Twins also spawn inside caves and are fast and nimble — but make sure to keep a watchful eye, as this enemy type is also incredibly sneaky. Mutant Babies — small, newborn, leaping crawling mutants, are also found inside caves.

John 2.0 is a mutant that can be found in the later stages of the game, resembling two cannibals joined at the legs that walk on their hands. The Demon Mutant type is also present in the endgame, found deep inside magma caves with fused toes and fingers that use their legs to attack players (make sure to wear the Golden Armor for the best protection against them).

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Sluggies are immobile Mutants that block paths inside caves, and finally, Titans are very hostile, red mutants that can be found on land. They can run at great speeds, targeting the defensive walls of your base. They can remove logs and cause major destruction. Ranged weapons and explosives are the perfect counters to this mutant type.

a dead whale in sons of the forestEndnight Games
Sharks are a new enemy type found in Sons of the Forest.

Hostile Animals in Sons of the Forest

Sharks are the only Hostile Animals that are found in Sons of the Forest. While they are mostly present in the oceans, they can also sneak through tunnels in caves. For example, you will encounter one while collecting the Rebreather from a cave in the game.

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Can enemies swim in Sons of the Forest?

Fortunately, much like the original game, enemies cannot swim and drowns in deep water in Sons of the Forest. They can, however, maneuver in shallow waters and attack you.

You do get the option to set a base offshore, too, which means enemies will attack from a single point, making it easier for you to defend your base.

So, there you have it — those are all the types of enemies you can find in Sons of the Forest. For more about the game, be sure to check our other Sons of the Forest guides and content:

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