Can you play Sons of the Forest on Steam Deck?

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Wondering whether you can play Sons of the Forest on Steam Deck? Well, find out the answer to this question with our handy guide. 

Sons of the Forest is the latest survival horror game that is terrifying PC players, with many busy trying to find resources like water and the handy shovel to avoid an early demise on the cannibal-infested island. 

While the game’s best played on PC for the best settings and visuals, there are times when you may wish to take your adventure with you. After all, being able to build up your base and farm materials on the go is incredibly beneficial. 

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So, if you’re wondering whether you can play Sons of the Forest on Steam Deck, our hub has everything you need to know. 

Is Sons of the Forest on Steam Deck? 

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Sons of the Forest is filled with creepy cannibalistic enemies.

Yes, Sons of the Forest can be played on Steam Deck. However, many players are currently encountering performance issues when playing the game on Valve’s portable console. A lot of problems stem from the low frame rate, which is even encountered when playing on the game’s lowest settings

Players have found the game crashes when building, while FPS drops are frequent when a lot of enemies and objects appear on the screen. If that wasn’t bad enough, there are also a number of audio issues present when playing on Steam Deck. 

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This can obviously lead to a lot of immersion-breaking moments that ruin the overall experience. As a result, we recommend playing Sons of the Forest on PC or waiting for a future Steam Deck patch that helps alleviate these issues. 

So, there you have it, that’s everything you to know about whether Sons of the Forest is playable on Steam Deck. Be sure to check out more of our Sons of the Forest page to help with your survival.