Halo CE terminal locations: All Combat Evolved terminals in Master Chief Collection

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Here’s where to find each of the Halo Combat Evolved terminal locations in the Anniversary edition included in the Master Chief Collection.

Halo CE terminals were added to the first Halo game as part of its remaster for the MCC. The anniversary edition of Halo Combat Evolved borrowed the feature from Halo 3, which is where terminals first appeared, and they’re also found in the Master Chief Collection.

Terminals in Halo CE exist in the game’s campaign mainly for achievement hunters, but they also offer little lore drops for players keen to learn more about the Halo universe. Halo CE terminals can even provide clues to help players complete a level.

With that in mind, here’s every Halo CE terminal location.


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Halo CE Anniversary is a remaster of the original Halo game.

Halo CE Terminal Locations

Here’s where you can find each of the 10 Halo CE terminals in the Master Chief Collection:

Pillar of Autumn level terminal location

The Pillar of Autumn terminal can be found once you enter the bridge. Just turn left and head over to the booth that’s glowing red. Inside you’ll find the first Halo CE terminal.

Arriving on Halo level terminal location

The Arriving on Halo level terminal can be found in the long tunnel after the Pelican ship drops the Warthog vehicle. When you get to the ramp that leads down, follow the path left into a hallway. Once there, turn right to see a glowing yellow terminal.

Halo yellow terminal343 Industries
The terminals glow a variety of different colors.

Truth and Reconciliation level terminal location

On the Truth and Reconciliation level, the Halo CE terminal location can be found on a raised platform in the bridge area. This one will also be glowing red.

The Silent Cartographer level terminal location

The Silent Cartographer terminal can be found in the area where the battle with the Hunters takes place. The terminal is in the middle of the metal ring.

Assault on the Control Room level terminal location

To locate this terminal, heard towards the pyramid-shaped structure and enter the nearby gap in the ground. The terminal can be found within.

Red halo terminal343 Industries
Some terminals are easier to spot than others.

343 Guilty Spark level terminal location

Once the Flood begins to invade the level, take the elevator back to the surface. Once it reaches the top, activate the elevator again and quickly spin round. The terminal will become visible on top of the elevator entrance, you can then quickly jump off and reach it.

The Library level terminal location

The Library terminal can be found in the circular room on the third floor. This one is glowing yellow, so look ahead and you should see a yellow light. You’ll need to jump over some pipes and such, but you’ll soon reach it.

Two Betrayals level terminal location

The Two Betrayals level terminal can be found as soon as the cutscene first ends. Head left and circle around the structure until you see a glowing yellow light.

terminal halo ce in yellow343 Industries
Halo CE terminals originally appeared in Halo 3.

Keyes level terminal location

A glowing purple terminal can be found near the room where you find the captured Captain Keyes. Go to the base of the raised platform and look down to find the hidden terminal.

The Maw level terminal location

The final Halo CE terminal can be found near the Cryogenic Storage Room in The Maw. Descend the nearby ladder to get to the control room. You’ll see a glowing red terminal at the back of the room.

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