Where to find Power Armor in Fallout 76: locations, types, & more

Fallout 76 Power ArmorBethesda

Power Armor in Fallout 76 offers unparalleled protection against the perils of the wasteland. Here’s every Fallout 76 Power Armor location.

Power Armor is always highly sought after in Fallout games and the same is true of Fallout 76. This bulky gear offers incredible protection from bullets and mutants, but it’s difficult to find and requires serious maintenance. In an online game like Fallout 76, having a working set of Power Armor can be a great way to gain an edge over players who are yet to find a full set.

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The good news is Power Armor can be round relatively quickly in the game. However, you’re unlikely to find a completed set in one or even two places. Therefore, you’ll need to visit various locations in order to complete your collection. It’s also worth pointing out that there are several different types of Power Armor, so you’ll want to first complete your chosen set, then collect the rest.

Here’s where you’ll need to look.

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Fallout 76 wastelandBethesda
Fallout 76 already takes place in a nuclear wasteland.

What is Power Armor in Fallout 76?

Power Armor was used by the military and government before the bombs dropped in Fallout. In Fallout 76, the armor is scattered all over the world and is highly sought after by wasteland wanderers.

Brotherhood of Steel soldiers are often found wearing a full T-60 set as standard issue, and the lesser-seen, former villains, the Enclave are associated with the highly prized X-01 Power Armour.

There are also various other types found abandoned around the wasteland, and you can build a full set of each without joining either of the above organizations. First, you’ll need to equip a Power Armour chassis, then add parts to this as and when you find them.

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The chassis alone only provides moderate protection, but once all the limb, torso, and helmet pieces have been added, you’ll be much more formidable in combat.

Power Armor typesBethesda
Power Armor has been modified by a range of different groups in Fallout.

Power Armor level requirements

While you can equip the Power Armor chassis at any level, you’ll need to reach certain points before you can equip most of the actual armor parts. Here’s a breakdown of at what level you can equip each Power Armor type:

  • Raider Power Armor – level 15+
  • T-45 Power Armor – level 25+
  • T-51 Power Armor – level 30+
  • T-60 Power Armor (Typically a Brotherhood of Steel set) – level 40+
  • X-01 Power Armor – (Typically an Enclave set) level 50+

All Fallout 76 Power Armor locations

Each chassis will usually have two or three bits of power armor attached, but you’ll never find a full set. Raider and T-Series armor are the most common when exploring the world.

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Remember, Fallout 76 is an MMO so other players will also be looking for the armor. If you get to a location and find the Power Armor chassis is missing, it’s likely been picked up by another player. In that case, simply save and reload, or come back later. The armor will respawn eventually.

Here’s where you can find Power Armor chassis across the world in Fallout 76:

Near Vault 76

Location Armor Type Location
The Crosshair Raider Under the rock overhang
WV Lumber Co. Raider In the two-story building on the east side
Aaronholt homestead T-Series In the shed next to the three silos

West Central Forest

Location Armor Type Location
Point Pleasant T-Series On the roof of the hardware store
Botherhood of Steel power armorBethesda
The Brotherhood of Steel makes use of the T60 Power Armor.

East Central Forest

Location Armor Type Location
Gorge Junkyard Raider In the green trailer next to a shed
Morgantown Trainyard T-Series Inside a railcar with a crane over it
Fujiniya Intelligence Base T-Series Locked in a security cage on the bottom level
Mama Dolce’s Food Processing T-Series In the warehouse southwest of Mama Dolce’s
Arktos Pharma T-Series On the third floor of the loading dock

Southwest Forest

Location Armor Type Location
Silva Homestead T-Series In the round building near the silo
New River Gorge Bridge West Raider West side, behind a locked door. Key is on the rollercoaster in Camden Park
Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant T-Series Inside the loading dock
Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 T-Series In the basement in a security cage. Key found in the main office
Hornwright Industrial Headquarters T-Series In the basement
Wade Airport North T-Series In the hanger north of the control tower
Wade Airport South Raider In a blue truck at the end of the runway
Power armor gameplayBethesda
Power Armor can give players the edge in combat.

Southeast Forest

Location Armor Type Location
Cliffwatch Raider Outside the raider wall

Toxic Valley

Location Armor Type Location
The Crater Raider Outside the observation shack
Black Bear Lodge T-Series In the shed, west of the lodge
Clarksburg Raider Room on the top floor of the tallest building
Eastern Reginal Penitentiary T-Series In a shed in the prison yard
Grafton Dam T-Series In a shed, west of the dam

North Savage Divide

Location Armor Type Location
Converted Munitions Factory T-Series In the room across the catwalk
Sunnytop Ski Lanes Raider Bottom floor by the stairs to the lobby
Ammo Dump T-Series Out in the open, easy to spot
Sons of Dane Compound T-Series In the basement of the house, west of the main building
Power armor protectionBethesda
Power armor provides way more protection than normal armor.

Central Savage Divide

Location Armor Type Location
Monongah Power Plant Raider Inside the Loading Dock room
Seneca Gang Camp Raider By the steps of the lookout tower
Wendigo Cave Raider In a side tunnel at the foot of the cliff
Pleasant Valley Cabins Raider In the middle of the raider shacks

South Savage Divide

Location Armor Type Location
New Appalachian Central Trainyard T-Series Inside the main building
Middle Mountain Cabins Raider In front of the middle cabin
National Isolated Radio Array T-Series In a side room of the barn
Blackwater Mine Raider In a building near the entrance to the mine
Emmett Mountain Disposal Site T-Series In the tunnel security cabin
Solomon’s Pond T-Series On a platform with the blue water treatment gear
Ripper Alley Raider On a raised platform at the back of the building
Huntersville T-Series Behind the barn with the tents
Power armor combatBethesda
Find your armor and a big gun, and take on the game’s biggest monsters.

Far South Savage Divide

Location Armor Type Location
Lucky Hole Mine Raider Behind the chained door
Johnson’s Acre Raider Edge of the cliff on the high rocks

West Ash Heap

Location Armor Type Location
Camden Park Raider The south end of the raider compound
Beckley T-Series Next to the tank, south of the raider wall

Central Ash Heap

Location Armor Type Location
The Rusty Pick Raider Entrance to the tunnel in the basement
Belching Betty T-Series Outside the mine, in the Fire Breathers shack
Mount Blair / Abandoned Mine Shaft 6 T-Series In a warehouse near a green truck
Abandoned Mine Shaft Elaine T-Series Between a locker room building and a bus
Rollins Labor Camp T-Series West of the modular buildings
Mount Blair Trainyard T-Series West side of the large building, ground floor
Red Rocket Filling Station T-Series Behind the boarded-up brick filling station
AMS Testing Site T-Series Behind the rounded metal building
Striker Row T-Series Up the hill from the tents, the southeast corner
Bethesda SoftworksBethesda
The Brotherhood of Steel are a frequent sight in Fallout 76 and so is their armor.

East Ash Heap

Location Armor Type Location
The Burning Mine T-Series In the building on the top of the hill
Lewisburg Station T-Series East of the train tracks near a derailed car
Big Band Tunnel T-Series Behind a door halfway down the tunnel
Garrahan Mining HQ T-Series In the R&D department
Hornwright Estate T-Series In a room on the upper level

North Mire

Location Armor Type Location
Thunder Mountain Power Plant T-Series In the Loading Dock in the main building
Dolly Sods Wilderness T-Series Near a pickup truck and down the hill
Crevasse Dam Raider In a truck trailer beside the buildings
Dyer Chemical Sewers T-Series Near the entrance to the sewers
Treehouse Village Raider In the treehouse with a red truck outside it

South Mire

Location Armor Type Location
Hawke’s Refuge Raider Raised walkway in the large bright room
Sunday Brothers’ Cabin T-Series In the barn near the house
Big B’s Rest Stop T-Series Behind the main building
Camp Venture T-Series In the metal compound
Fallout Brotherhood of Steel armorBethesda
Power Armor has been important throughout the entire Fallout series.

North Cranberry Bog

Location Armor Type Location
Kerwodd Mine T-Series Found in the large dry area, you’ll need to swim to it
Firebase Major T-Series Behind the jeep
Firebase LT T-Series East of the tent
The General’s Steakhouse T-Series In the metal shed
RobCo Research Center T-Series In the northwest wing
Bootlegger’s Shack Raider Behind the truck
Quarry X3 T-Series Near the edge of the road near the modular building

South Cranberry Bog

Location Armor Type Location
Fort Defiance T-Series On the fourth floor
Big Bend Tunnel East T-Series Outside the tunnel of the Brotherhood compound
Lost Home T-Series In the biggest shack
Firebase Hancock T-Series Between the modular buildings
Watoga Rooftop T-Series Roof of the Watoga building
Watoga Civic Center T-Series In the west side of the main area
Watoga Transit Hub T-Series In the room off the lobby
Watoga Emergancy Services T-Series On the roof
Watoga High School T-Series On the roof
Survey Camp Alpha T-Series Under the canopy
Drop Site V9 T-Series In front of the building
Forward Station Delta T-Series In the main compound
The Enclave fallout 76Bethesda
The Enclave has the best Power Armor in all of Fallout.

What’s the best Power Armor in Fallout 76?

The best Power Armor in Fallout 76 is a matter of opinion, especially when you consider your drip factor. However, from a stats point of view, the X-01 Power Armor is considered the best – and this is the case in most Fallout games, not just Fallout 76.

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This is the armor of the shadowy Enclave, the villains of Fallout 3, and some of the earlier titles. While the Enclave also appears in Fallout 76, the path to obtaining their armor is different from every other armor set. Unlike the armor above, you’ll need to craft a X-01 set.

The terminal in The Whitespring Bunker contains the schematic for the armor. You’ll then be able to craft each individual piece at a power armor station. You’ll need to be at least level 40 to begin crafting this armor, and level 50 to craft the best X-01 gear.

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So, there you have it, how to find Power Armor in Fallout 76.

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