Halo CE Skulls: All level locations and effects in Halo Combat Evolved

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Halo CE Skulls change the gameplay in unique and fun ways. Here’s a list of every Skull in Halo Combat Evolved, where to find them, and what they do.

Skulls first arrived in Halo 2, allowing the player to activate certain effects to enhance the gameplay or change it to their liking. When the original Halo trilogy was remastered for the Halo Master Chief Collection, Skulls were also added to Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 3. Halo CE Skulls share a lot of similarities with the ones first seen in Halo 2.

However, the Halo CE Skulls are not available from the start and need to be unlocked by the player by playing through the campaign. Many are easy to find but others take a little more effort. They take the form us Skulls on the ground which can be picked up and collected by Master Chief throughout various levels.


Halo CE gameplay
Halo CE Anniversary is a remaster of the first Halo featuring Skulls.

Skull Locations and Effects

Here is where each Halo CE Skull can be found and what changes it makes to the gameplay when activated:

Iron Skull

With this Skull activated, dying in co-op sends you back to your last checkpoint, where dying in single-player modes forces you to start the level from scratch.

The Iron Skull can be found on the Pillar of Autumn. When Chief leaves his cryo-tube, go to the back of that room and the Skull can be found behind a stack of purple containers.

Halo iron skull location
The Iron Skull In Halo CE.

Mythic Skull

The Mythic Skull makes gives all Covenant enemies double health. It also gives Sentinels an energy shield for added protection.

It can be found on the ‘Arriving on Halo’ level, to the right of the waterfall once you crash land.

Boom Skull

All explosions now do double damage and reach twice as far. This includes grenades and any vehicles that are destroyed.

This can also be found on the ‘Arriving on Halo’ level. Before going into the underground tunnel, once the Warthog is dropped, keep going, but rather than going into the trench go to the right and follow the path around the cliff. You’ll soon spot the Skull.

Foreign Skull

This Skull makes it impossible to pick up and use Covenant weapons.

The Foreign Skull can be found on the ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ level. During the mission, you’ll enter a larger hangar area and fight a horde of Covenant enemies. Once they are defeated, head to the far-right side of the room and wait for the next wave. When it appears, go through the doors when they open to find the Skull.

You’ll need to be quick, since the doors won’t open again.

All halo ce skulls
All Halo CE Skulls in the menu.

Famine Skull

Weapons that you pick up only have half the ammo they usually would.

The Skull appears on the level ‘The Silent Cartographer’ and can be found at the top of the plateau on the level’s beach area. Use the ramp to climb up and the Skull will be at the top.

Bandana Skull

The Bandana Skull gives Master Chief Infinite Ammo when activated.

This can also be found during ‘The Silent Cartographer’ at the end of the long tunnel that leads to the control console in the Security building. It’s high up so a Grenade jump can help you reach the ceiling.

Fog Skull

Your motion tracker will be disabled while this Skull is active.

The Fog Skull can be found during the ‘Assault on the Control Room’ mission. This is another Skull where a grenade jump comes in handy, since the Skull is located in the middle of the room, just before you walk into the canyon. The Skull is sitting on a raised platform in the center of the area.

Malfunction Skull

Respawning results in random parts of your HUD not working.

Another Skull that’s found during the ‘Assault on the Control Room’ mission, but this one can be located on one of the pipes jutting out from the walls of the cliffside in the large underground area. Follow the pipes towards the bottom of the gorge, you’ll soon spot the Skull.

Halo Malfunction skull
The Malfunction Skull is rather difficult to find.

Recession Skull

Every bullet you fire uses double the ammo count with this skull equipped.

The aptly named Recession Skull is found in the ‘343 Guilty Spark’ level, before you meet Mr. Spark himself. The Skull can be found on the left side of the Facility building below a shade turret. When you cross over the fallen tree, you’ll see a scripted event when a shade turret gets destroyed. This is the turret you need to investigate. Try not to fall to your death though.

Black Eye Skull

Hitting enemies with melee attacks is the only way to recharge your shields.

The Black Eye Skull can be found in ‘The Library’ level in the back of a vent. A grenade jump can help you reach the vent in question, which is located on the first floor at the start of the level before you enter the Index chamber. Before you enter the yellow room, look for a vent nearest the door and grenade jump up to it. This is where you’ll find the Skull.

Eye Patch Skull

The Eye Patch Skull turns off auto-aim on all weapons.

The Skull can be found during ‘The Library’ mission. It’s located behind the Index on the final platform. Before picking up the Index, go behind it first to find the Skull.

Halo MCC banner
Halo CE Anniversary is part of the Master Chief Collection.

Pinata Skull

Punching Covenant makes them drop grenades for you to pick up.

The Pinata Skull can be found during ‘Two Betrayals’. It can be seen sitting on a ledge above the tunnel exit. Use a Banshee to fly up and pick it up.

Grunt Birthday Party Skull

Headshots cause Grunts to burst into confetti with this Skull.

This entertaining Skull can be found on ‘The Maw’ mission on the railing near where Foehammer is destroyed. You can create a bridge between where the Skull is and the ground by using a Warthog to jump on. Place the vehicle next to the beam-like structure on the right-hand side and jump across to the ledge.

Grunt Funeral Skull (DLC)

This causes Grunts to explode just like a Plasma Grenade but is only available through DLC. It cannot be unlocked in-game.

That’s all the Halo CE Skulls you can unlock and activate in the game.

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