GTA Online players amazed by “insane” NPCs following The Contract update

Alec Mullins
GTA Online's The Contract update has made things a little wonky for NPCs

GTA Online’s Los Santos is a strange place and it seems like The Contract may have made that even worse, as NPCs are now pulling off insane stunts to kill players after the game’s newest update. 

There’s always been an aura of chaos surrounding the main locales of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. From angry pedestrians willing to fight at a moment’s notice to policemen that can teleport into friendly cars, GTA has a way of keeping players on their toes.

That feeling has only been enhanced by The Contract update.

Now, even the most mundane members of society seem to be losing their minds in the Los Santos streets.

GTA Online player gets taken out by wild NPC

The Contract update launched on December 15 and the game’s AI have been a little wonky ever since then. 

There isn’t one AI in particular to highlight. Many of the game’s NPCs are acting out of order and seem to be more aggressive than they were before.

This clip from Reddit user ‘spiderassassin5500’ shows off exactly how over-the-top the criminals of Los Santos have been.

While in the midst of completing a mission, multiple enemies attempt to take out the player’s van, providing just enough of a distraction for a biker to come soaring through the air and find the perfect angle to shoot through the driver’s side window.

After the surprise ending, one commenter suggested that the eventual shooter could be a silver-screen action hero under different circumstances: “That biker chick needs to be programmed in a Michael Bay movie.”

Another user highlighted that even the city’s regular denizens have been acting strange since The Contract was released: “If the AI aren’t trying to shoot me, the civilians are going crazy doing U-turns on the motorway or just generally driving into me, speeding up/slowing down at an intersection depending on my speed.”

It’s currently unclear if this was an intended change of behavior for the world’s AI or if Rockstar will be reigning them back in soon, but either way, it might be best to steer clear of any shootouts in the meantime.