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Gran Turismo 7 release seemingly leaked by PlayStation 5 ad

Published: 3/Nov/2020 17:33

by Michael Gwilliam


A new ad for Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5 has appeared to have leaked the launch window for the long-awaited racing game.

As spotted by Canadian forum user ElieTheStig, an autoplay ad on YouTube for the PS5 exclusive showed when the game would be releasing.

With some eagle eyes, the user spotted some words in French in the bottom left corner of the ad which read, “Sortie prévue pour la première moitié de 2021.”

This text translates to: “Release scheduled for the first half of 2021.”

Gran Turismo 7 C7 Corvette
The Corvette C7 is the first car seen in the official release trailer.

While the game was first announced on June 11 at the PlayStation 5 reveal event, no release date or window had been listed. Now, it would seem like we have our first indication of when players will get their hands on the Polyphony Digital-developed title.

Of course, this could all be an error or potentially even something that was mistranslated by Sony when producing the ad.

The first half of 2021 is essentially January to June, so there are six months where a release is possible if this ad is accurate.

The last three Gran Turismo games released in North America outside of the first six months of the year with November, December and October launches.

Nonetheless, this news is definitely something fans of the series should keep their eyes on, especially with large events such as The Game Awards still coming in 2020. It’s possible that the game’s release date could be confirmed at one of those major shows.

The Grand Turismo series has been a PlayStation staple dating back to 1997 with the release of the first game on the original Sony console. Since then, it has become one of the largest racing franchises in the world with critical acclaim and strong sales.


Enable shows off custom 100 Thieves-themed Mercedes C-Class Coupe

Published: 23/Feb/2021 11:39

by Jacob Hale


Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt, in his own words, “always stays fly” — and he’s backing it up by showing off this incredible Mercedes C Class Coupe, complete with a custom 100 Thieves wrap.

Enable joined 100 Thieves as a content creator after officially announcing his retirement from professional Call of Duty following the 2020 CDL season.

Having competed and won multiple championships under the 100T banner during the Black Ops 4 season, Enable built a strong affinity with the brand. Now, clearly, he’s proving it.

In the first episode of his new show ‘Run It Up’ on LA Thieves’ YouTube channel, Enable pulled up in the new whip and it’s just about as cool as you’d expect.

100 Thieves enable Jam t shirt
Instagram: ianenable
Enable is back under the 100 Thieves banner and celebrating in style.

Pulling in to CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag’s reserved parking spot at the Thieves’ Cash App Compound, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was actually Nade’s car.

The C Class Coupe costs upwards of $47,000 alone, but the 100 Thieves wrap makes it truly priceless.

In 100T’s red and black colors, the design imitates that of the brand’s Geography collection that dropped way back in 2018, all black with jagged orange lines and the 100 Thieves logo emblazoned across the hood.

The car is guaranteed to turn some heads as it sets across Los Angeles, and with some of the unique designs that 100T come out with, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more as their collection grows.

For example, a matching Coupe with a wrap inspired by their Jam collection hoodie would definitely be worth the money. In fact, we’ll be disappointed if we don’t see more 100T-themed cars in the future.

This comes just a few months after FaZe Clan’s Alex ‘Adapt’ Prynkiewicz showed off his unreal FaZe-themed Nissan GTR. Don’t be surprised to see more esports and gaming brands splurging some cash on similarly creative rides in the future.