Slither IO codes (March 2023) – How to get free cosmetics, skins & wings

cover art for slither ioLowtech Studios/CrazyGames

If you want to make your appearance even more flashy with cosmetics, skins, and wings in Slither IO, then these free codes are all you need. While new codes haven’t been released in a while, there are still quite a few available to use in March 2023.

Slither IO’s online multiplayer platform is not only extremely fun to play but it’s also very colorful. In this game, you have to collect as many beads as you can without crashing your slithery character into other players – and the more beads that you collect, the bigger your character grows.

Although Slither IO has not received any new codes in quite a while, there are still a few codes that you can redeem. Keep reading for the entire list of currently available codes to grant you free rewards in Slither IO for March 2023.

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Updated March 2, 2023, to check for new codes. No new codes were found.


in-game screenshot of slither ioSteve Howse/Lowtech Studios
Trap your enemies so that they cannot escape your grasp in Slither IO.

Slither IO codes (March 2023)

Below is a list of all the currently active codes for the game. All of these codes have been checked in-game as of March 2, 2023.

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With 11 codes currently available while one has been reported to be working at times and Steve Howse not releasing any additional codes for a while, it seems unlikely that new codes will be coming out anytime in the near future.

Nevertheless, make sure to check back frequently, as we will be sure to update you with any new additions right here:

Code Rewards
0056-6697-1963 Hard hat, wings, and crown
0577-9466-2919 Cat’s-Eye glasses and red cape
0368-9044-0388 Deerstalker hat, and batwings
0139-6516-0269 Rabbit ears and visor
0150-6765-3242 Joker glasses, mustache, monocle, and heart glasses
0351-6343-0591 Pink star glasses, unicorn horn, and blonde wig
0465-2156-5071 Reindeer antlers, black wig, and spiral hypnosis glasses
0295-1038-1704 Star glasses, brown wig, and blue glasses
0334-1842-7574 Baseball hat and headphones
0309-9703-3794 Red wig, green tie, and spiked headband
0068-5256-3709 Bear ears, angel wings, and graduation cap

How to redeem Slither IO codes

Redeeming the available codes is a fairly easy task in Slither IO. You can get it done by following these simple steps:

  • Launch Slither IO on your preferred device.
  • Click on the Enter Code option available on the right side of the screen.
  • Copy and paste a code from the list above to redeem your reward.

Expired Slither IO codes

As codes from the table above expire, they will then be moved into this list below:

Code Rewards
0001-0002-0003 Random cosmetic item
9999-9999-9999 Random cosmetic item
screenshot featuring the main menu screen of slither ioSteve Howse/Lowtech Studios
Slither IO is one of the most colorful games available.

What are Slither IO codes used for?

Codes are distributed by Steve Howse, the developer of the game, as a form of appreciation for the players. However, these codes do not fulfill any other purpose except for claiming free skins and cosmetics.

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As you can already see in the list of rewards, there are no codes that can grant you performance benefits in the game. Having said that, we would highly advise you to redeem these codes as soon as you can. Given that there haven’t been too many recent code releases, a revamping of the entire code structure could be in the works.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about Slither IO codes for March 2023.

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