Dragon’s Dogma 2’s mysterious statues lead to treasure you may not know about it

Sourav Banik
Dragon's Dogma 2 header

The world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is huge and filled with mysterious statues that lead to treasures that are very easy to miss and players may not know about.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a vast open world that screams mysteries in almost every corner. One of the occurrences in DD2 is huge statues that often appear broken and at times intact, pointing in a certain direction.

The community is convinced that their presence is not for decoration only as they lead to Seeker’s Tokens, treasure chests, and puzzles that need to be found and solved.

Upon asking what’s the meaning of these statues on Reddit, several players joined in the discussion to give insight and lore accurate explanations.

Some players said that the statues “point in the direction of a valuable treasure chest and the broken ones are like a mini puzzle on which way it was pointing.”

“Some of them have seeker tokens on them. The first seeker token I found was on one of these,” said a DD2 player after following the path shown by one of these statues.

Some community members feel the “easiest one to understand is outside Melve” where there is a letter that “tells you that you’ll be rewarded for looking over the landscape.” “If you do look, there’s a hole in the ground with a ladder that leads to a chest and 2 goblins,” they continued.

Players also mentioned that these statues have “a letter somewhere at its base, and they seem to be hints at what the statue is facing.” If you carefully follow the path shown by them, it can lead to “distant points of interest, like a Shrine or a settlement”

A fellow Dragon’s Dogma 2 player provided more context about these statues. Giving a spoiler alert, they said, “That’s Rothais, the founder of Vermund (Vernworth?) and a former Arisen. The head is knocked off because he’s Beastren but you can find the same statue all over Battahl with the head intact.”

You can stand right in front of these statues to examine them and upon doing that, they reveal a note with a particular message written. The player compared them to Elden Ring counterparts and continued, “I’ve seen people say they point to caves/treasure like Elden Ring’s random statues but I’ve never followed their paths.”

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