Dragon’s Dogma 2: Easiest Seeker’s Tokens to get in the early game

Eliana Bollati
A Seeker's Token in Dragon's Dogma 2

Seeker’s Tokens are the main collectible in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and finding them can grant players access to powerful items and handy rewards. Here’s the easiest Seeker’s Tokens players can get during the early stages of the game.

With a total of 240 Seeker’s Tokens in Dragon Dogma 2, there’s really no counting how long players could spend exploring every crevice in every cave searching for them all. Finding 80 of them unlocks The Collector trophy achievement, but even players who aren’t interested in a completionist run can still earn themselves some very useful rewards for finding a few. Players can see how many Seeker’s Tokens they’ve found, and turn them in for rewards, by visiting the Guild Hall in Vernworth or Kabbattahl.

Those looking to nab The Collector trophy should consider picking the Trickster vocation. Then they’ll have access to an Augment — Detection, which makes finding Seeker’s Tokens even easier. Whenever a Seeker’s Token is close by, Detection causes a chime to play.

Another thing to note. Players need to find at least one — and remember where they picked this first one up — to solve one of the Sphinx’s riddles.

Here’s the easiest Seeker’s Tokens for players to get their hands on during Dragon’s Dogma 2’s early game.

Easy to find Seeker’s Tokens around Melve

Dracanward Tower

The first token we found, and one of the easiest tokens to get, is at the top of the Dracanward Tower in Melve. Players can find it on the same platform as the ballista.

Harpy’s Nest, Northwest from Melve

Dragon's Dogma 2 map with the location of the Harpy's Nest marked

Head northwest from Melve. Look for the Forgotten Riftstone, west of Beren’s Tent. Then head southeast from there. Climb the rock-face to find a small plateau near the top with harpies nests and crude wooden structures dotted around. Deal with any goblins or harpies and then search the nest on top of the rock in the middle of the encampment to find a Seeker’s Token.

Riftstone of Potential

On the other side of the Mountains’ Secret cave is the Riftstone of Potential. There’s a Seeker’s Token inside the abandoned building nearby, sitting on top of an old crate.

Waterfall Cave

The Dragon's Dogma 2 map showing the location of the Waterfall Cave, Northeast of Melve

Players can find this dungeon after leaving Melve. Head northeast along the road until reaching the Borderland Campground. Climb the rock-face until reaching the river. The Waterfall Cave’s entrance is just across on the other side.

The first token can be found in a narrow passage with a chest. Look for a boulder which can be smashed to find the token hidden behind. Just be wary and try to avoid the chimera inside the cave. Or come prepared to take the boss down.

There’s also another Seeker’s Token on the second floor of the cave. Search for the wall which can be destroyed. Break through to find the token on the other side.

Easy to find Seeker’s Tokens around Vernworth

Vernworth, Merchant’s Quarter

This is another very easy token to find. Look behind the broken dragon’s head statue that’s sitting in the fountain in the Merchant’s Quarter.

Vernworth, Northwest Exit

Outside of Vernworth’s northwest exit, there’s an old statue nearby. Search around its base for a Seeker’s Token.

River Bank northeast of Vernworth

The Dragon's Dogma 2 map showing the location of the Seeker's Token on the Riverbank Northeast of Vernworth

Another that was easy to spot. Look on the ground near the cliffs at the water’s edge. Players can make a slight detour to grab it easily on the way to grab the one at the Ruined Settlement, or pick it up on the way back to Vernworth after exploring the nearby areas.

Riverside Ruins Riftstone, northeast of Vernworth

This one is a little trickier to grab. Players will need to make a running jump to reach the Seeker’s Token on top of the ruins by the Riftstone.

Ruined Settlement

The Dragon's Dogma 2 map showing the location of the Ruined Settlement, Northeast of Vernworth

Head Northeast out of Vernworth to find the Ruined Settlement. The Seeker’s Token is on the ground in the abandoned building to the Northwest.

The Gracious Hand’s Vaults

Players completing the Caged Magistrate story beat can find a token when they move on to the second quest in the chain, The Heel of History, they can find a Seeker’s Token while completing the dungeon, the Gracious Hand’s Vaults.

The Dragon's Dogma 2 map for the second floor of the Gracious Hand's Vaults

On the second floor of the dungeon there’s a square room players can climb up into. The token is behind the pillar in the northwest corner.

There’s plenty more Seeker’s Tokens to be found in the world beyond these few. So be sure to check every nook and cranny.

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