Dr Disrespect explains how he’d redesign Warzone for Advanced Warfare 2

dr disrespect advanced warfareActivision/YouTube/DrDisrespect

Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect is actually excited at the prospect of Advanced Warfare 2 being the next Call of Duty, and revealed why he thinks it could do great things for Warzone.

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are still scheduled to release later this year, but Dr Disrespect is thinking ahead – super far ahead, to what the series will be like with its next installment.

While there have been conflicting reports about Advanced Warfare 2 and if it really is the next CoD in development, the two-time has some high hopes for a potential sequel to the red-headed stepchild of the franchise.

During a recent broadcast, the banned Twitch streamer delved into how the game could bring a lot to Warzone and how he’d personally redesign the game around Advanced Warfare’s mechanics.

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Dr Disrespect sat talking to camera in front of Advanced Warfare characterYouTube/Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect is excited at rumors of an Advanced Warfare sequel.

Dr Disrespect says Advanced Warfare 2 could be a “sick” battle royale

After loading into the game on stream, the two-time began to ponder about how an Advanced Warfare 2 battle royale could function and what he’d do, as a former map designer, to make it work in Warzone.

“How sick of a battle royale map can you make for this game with these type of mechanics?” he wondered. “Just imagine what an Advanced Warfare 2 battle royale experience could be like.”

According to the Champion’s Club founder, AW’s gameplay could lend itself greatly to the battle royale genre, seemingly comparing it to something like Apex Legends.

(segment begins at 7:30)

“I think because the movement is so athletic and fluid like this, I think you would see more dense areas that were designed for the mechanics,” he theory-crafted.

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Doc went on to use Warzone’s Verdansk mask to focus in on to make his point: “Imagine a more dense downtown that had more flexibility and ramps, and go even more vertical and sh*t.”

Verticality is a big focus of the streamer’s own upcoming game, Deadrop, and the two-time says he would do the same with Advanced Warfare 2, making it a key component in a battle royale.

The two-time has even said that he would be down with designing Advanced Warfare 2 maps for free, despite his relationship with CoD not being what it once was.

In any case, we’ll have to wait a couple of years to see if Doc gets his wish and can end up unleashing the violence, speed, and momentum in yet another CoD title.

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