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Dead by Daylight Bloodrush: Dates, Bloodpoints, & rewards

Published: 12/Jan/2022 11:19

by Sam Smith


The next Bloodrush will soon be upon us in Dead by Daylight. Here’s what you need to know to get your hands on those precious Bloodpoints.

The Dead by Daylight Bloodrush event is one of the most reliable ways to gather those all-important Bloodpoints. The good news is, the next Bloodrush is coming, so all Dead by Daylight killers will need to sharpen their blades. Survivors on the other hand, will need to sharpen their wits and prepare to run!

Of course, a Bloodrush, much like a Bloodhunt or a Blood Feast, is one of the game’s most common and celebrated events. Here’s everything you need to know to survive the rush – or to slay your prey.



Carmina Mora, The Artist shown in Dead By Daylight
Behaviour Interactive / YouTube: Dead By Daylight
Carmina Mora, or ‘The Artist’ was the last Killer to join the roster in Dead By Daylight.

What is the Dead by Daylight Bloodrush event?

Every Bloodrush in Dead by Daylight is different, but each usually accompanies the addition of a new Killer or some other celebratory event in the game. However, on this occasion, no new killer is joining the roster yet.

A Bloodrush is a great time for players to get back into DBD, as each event usually lets players earn double Bloodpoints, whether they’re playing as Killers or Survivors. Essentially, a Bloodrush raises the stakes and increases the rewards, but it also increases the risks.

The event also allows for Bloodpoint multiplier stacks with the game’s various Perks and Offerings, meaning it’s a very lucrative time to play. Those who do well during a Bloodrush can farm a lot of experience and make real strides towards filling their Bloodweb. This is the game’s skill tree that governs how effective a character is at Killing or Surviving.


dead by daylight survivors A Bloodrush is an excellent time to level up your characters in Dead by Daylight.

When does Dead by Daylight Bloodrush begin/end?

The next Bloodrush will begin on January 14 and end on January 21, 2022. This gives players a whole week to gather those sweet Bloodpoints in what’s bound to be the bloodiest hunt yet.

This time players will be able to earn 1.5x when completing trials. This simply means surviving a game or killing all other players.

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