Is a Daredevil game finally happening? Marvel partnership reignites rumors

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With Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy and Avengers bringing players the chance to team up as iconic heroes, fans of Daredevil may finally have their prayers answered as Marvel’s merger with Skydance Media reignites previous rumors. Here’s everything we know so far about the potential “man without fear” adventure. 

Outside of their big-screen domination with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the long-running comic media titan have also taken players by storm in the last 3 years, with the unrelenting success of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man.

The recently released Guardians of The Galaxy adventure is “a damn good space opera” according to team Dexerto’s review. The demand for more Insomniac titles continues too, as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine are on the way to next-gen consoles.

But what about “the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen” himself? Could it be time for Daredevil to be done justice with some next-gen enhancements? Attempts at a Daredevil solo adventure have been made before, during the sixth generation of consoles. Now, previous rumors have re-emerged into the spotlight as Marvel will work with Skydance Media on a new “narrative-driven” project.

The new Daredevil skin is yours to own... if you can win the Marvel Knockout Super Series.Epic Games
Daredevil has appeared in other games like Fortnite as a buyable character.

When will the Daredevil game be released?

At the time of writing, the notion of Daredevil appearing in Marvel and Skydance Media’s upcoming project is purely speculation. With no official time frame disclosed by either party, it is safe to assume that the project is in the very early stages of pre-production.

As no time frame has been disclosed as of yet by either party, what we can look into is the previous leaks that added fuel to the fire of this potential project. Originally posted back in February of 2020, the project is rumored for a “2022” release window for “PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and definitely not Switch.”

Interestingly, the same leak also details a single-player Wolverine game to be “early, early development” and that player shouldn’t expect a “release for 2-3 years.” Now that Insomniac Games have announced their upcoming Wolverine title, perhaps there is something to found in the foundations of this leak. Back in May 2020, acclaimed voice actor Troy Baker also hinted he could be involved with a Daredevil project.

What will it be about?

Cinematically, the character of Matt Murdock/Daredevil hasn’t been seen since Season 3 of the titular Netflix show. Rumored to show up in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, the character’s appearance could jump-start Daredevil’s popularity once again.

As the Square Enix Avengers and Guardians of The Galaxy games have taken influence from the MCU, both aesthetically and story-wise, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the developers take a similar approach. However, according to a report from Deadline, the project will be a “completely original story.”

Former Uncharted creative director and writer Amy Hennig made the announcement, saying that “It’s an honor to be able to tell an original story with all the humanity, complexity, and humor that makes Marvel characters so enduring.”

Rumored gameplay features

In the aforementioned leak, details of the game refer to the setting as “modern-day Chicago”, which is a very different turn away from the character’s familiar setting of Hell’s Kitchen, New York. The villain could potentially be an “older” Bullseye, who is “new to the game”, while Daredevil himself “has been at this for quite some time.”

As for the world itself, free roam may be limited to night-time only, with “barely any missions taking place in the day.” As Daredevil is more of a nocturnal character akin to Batman, this would make sense and hone into a more Arkham-style feel, which can also be said of the combat according to the leaker.

The size of the map will also take “full advantage” of next-gen SSD hardware. Players will apparently be able to customize Daredevil to an extent, with a “skill tree” system, again, similar to that of the Arkham series.

Daredevil MarvelMarvel
Daredevil has made his way to mobile games too, like Marvel Heroes.

Will it tie into other Marvel games?

While the developers have stated this currently untitled project, is an original story, this doesn’t necessarily rule out the potential of cross-overs with other Marvel titles. Insomniac Games have stated that their Spider-Man titles take place in their own canon, which Wolverine is also thought to be part of.

The Spider-Man games also made reference to the Avengers, but not the same heroic team seen in the Square Enix canon. 2K Games are working on Ultimate Alliance’s successor, Midnight Suns, which means Daredevil could appear in a plethora of universes or storylines.

We’ll be keeping track of this exciting project as it develops, so be sure to keep checking back in with us.