Is a Marvel Daredevil game coming to PS5? Troy Baker drops massive hint

Marvel / Gazillion Entertainment

A Twitter exchange between prolific voice actor Troy Baker and Marvel Games’ Vice President Bill Rosemann has sent the rumor mill into overdrive. The comic book executive’s reply could hint at a Daredevil game for the PlayStation 5.

Following the massive success of Insomniac’s exclusive Spider-Man title on the PlayStation 4, all eyes have been on Marvel as to which property they would bring next to the Sony platform.

On May 17, a tweet by The Last of Us voice actor Troy Baker fueled speculation that a Daredevil a game could be in the works, after the comic book company’s Vice President dropped a major hint.

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Marvel / Gazillion Entertainment
After years of waiting, will Daredevil fans finally get a proper game on the PlayStation 5?

Could Daredevil be coming to PlayStation 5?

The whole rumor kicked off on May 17 when Troy Baker replied to a tweet by IGN lead Jonathon Dornbush who asked “What is your dream superhero game?” The voice actor tagged Marvel’s Bill Rosemann and said “Ahem. Cough cough.”

While cheeky on its own, things quickly got interesting when the Vice President replied and exclaimed, “You, sir are clearly a man without fear.” Upon first glance, it sounds like the Executive is joking with Baker for leaking a potential project.

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However as many comic fans no doubt figured out instantly, the quote is a direct nod to Daredevil. The beloved hero is introduced from the very beginning as “the man without fear,” making the Twitter exchange extremely interesting.

Twitter: @TroyBakerVA
The popular voice actor tweeted at Marvel Games’ Vice President.

In 2018, Spider-Man swung his way onto the PlayStation 4. The exclusive developed by Insomniac Games was critically acclaimed, and led to impressive sales. So naturally, fans wondered which hero would getting its next title.

If these tweets are anything to go off, it could possibly be Daredevil, and perhaps Baker himself will be playing the crime fighter. The Marvel exec’s answer certainly adds fuel to the fire at there potentially being a project in the future.

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Marvel / Insomniac Games / Sony
Daredevil would look incredible as a PlayStation title if Spider-Man is anything to go off of.

While both individuals are key figures in their respective industries, this is by no means a confirmation. While it would certainly be a dream come true to have Baker and Marvel work together, for now they are just that – tweets.

However, with the incredible success that Insomniac brought to Marvel’s property, it would be more unlikely that the comic book company didn’t have another project in the works with Sony. Time will tell if that next release is Daredevil.

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