Cyberpunk 2077 content plan leaked early on YouTube

Cyberpunk 2077 screenshotCD Projekt RED

Cyberpunk 2077 developers CD Projekt RED are set to release “previously undisclosed” information about the game to the public, according to a leak.

The game devs have held several events in the past whereby game details were exclusively made available to selected parties, and sections of such presentations were never made public.

Although, after announcing a delay to their original release date, it would appear that they’re now ready to provide fans with some uplifting news. A closer look at the game could soon be on the way.

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Cyberpunk fans are eagerly awaiting the next drop of game information and it might not be far away.

The announcement of incoming updates about the game’s progress is set to be made during the Tapai Game Show, according to leaked information reported by VGR.

Unlike E3 2019, when things were kept very much under wraps where Cyberpunk 2077 was concerned, a source states the dev team are set to also reveal some more gameplay clips during the conference as well.

Some of it has already been leaked, too, as seen in the video below. There are some snippets of in-game footage and behind the scenes look at the work being done to complete the game. It’s worth noting that the upload includes both English and Chinese segments.

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The event is going to be held between February 6 to February 9, located at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan.

Leaks that have been uncovered in the past have revealed glimpses of the highly anticipated world, including a first-look at different parts of the map. While that might have been enough to satisfy a section of people interested in the project, there’s no doubt that fans will be wanting to see more of it in the coming weeks and months as we approach its release.

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The launch window for the project is September 17, 2020 at the time of writing, after it was delayed from its original release date of April 16. This gives the team a few more months to work on it before it’s released to the masses, but more cynical fans of the franchise might expect this date to change once again in the coming months.

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