Leaked Cyberpunk 2077 images give fans first glimpse of the map

Published: 3/Dec/2019 0:20

by Eli Becht


One of the first big releases of 2020 is CD PROJEKT RED’s Cyberpunk 2077, and a leaked image has given fans their first look at the map.

The developers have gigantic shoes to fill in their follow-up to the 2015 smash hit The Witcher 3, and it looks like things are going along quite nicely.

Cyberpunk 2077 is set for a release in 2020, but some details about the game have begun to surface, including a look at the map.

CD Projekt REDCyberpunk 2077 has built a lot of hype.

The world of The Witcher 3 was a massive one, so fans are expecting a map just as big or even bigger with this game. Months before the official release, our supposed first look at the map has been released, and while we just get a section of it, it looks like this one is going to be pretty big.

Reddit user TheHeroicOnion posted the screenshot of the map, and it appears to reveal a glimpse at one of the major cityscapes players will come across in the game.

[Image] A glimpse of Cyberpunk 2077’s map from PS4

Judging from this view, it looks like this will be one of the larger cities in the game, but there’s no way of knowing for sure until we get a look at everything else.

There will no doubt be plenty of places to explore when the game releases so this is surely just a small snippet of what to expect… If it’s true, of course.

CD Projekt REDSay hi to Keanu Reeves.

With Cyberpunk 2077 not really close to release, it’s tough to say what’s real and what isn’t so it’s important to take this information with a grain of salt.

Having sprawling cityscapes will be amazing to see in the game as from the trailers and screenshots that we’ve seen, there will be a lot of breathtaking moments.

Speaking of breathtaking, actor Keanu Reeves will also be making an appearance in the game as a character, but not much is known about who he will play and what impact he’ll have on the overall story.

Cyberpunk 2077 is currently slated to release on April 16, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.


xQc explains why he actually likes strict Cyberpunk 2077 streaming rules

Published: 3/Dec/2020 6:35

by Brad Norton


CD Projekt Red just unveiled details surrounding content creation and early access for Cyberpunk 2077. While many believe the guidelines to be quite strict, Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has explained why he actually likes them.

There’s no denying Cyberpunk 2077 is one the most hotly anticipated games in quite some time. After all, it has been seven years since the reveal trailer. The gaming industry has been salivating over every little detail since, and in a matter of days, it’ll finally be out in the wild.

Before we get to the December 10 release date, however, a few lucky individuals have already secured some early copies. Be it through accidental early shipping, or popular content creators being provided early access. Regardless of how people got their hands on it, everyone has to follow a set of strict rules.

Failing to do so will be met with harsh consequences. While various streamers were initially against this kind of approach, one of the biggest names on Twitch has spoken out in favor of CD Projekt Red’s decision. Here’s why xQc actually prefers the strict guidelines.

“Our ambition is for gamers all across the world to have the same – spoiler-free – experience at the time the game releases,” the devs shared in a December 2 post. As a result of this goal, no one is allowed to stream or release content before the December 9 embargo that drops at 3 AM PT.

Anyone that goes against this ruling will be met with copyright strikes and potentially face further legal action. Obviously, once this deadline expires, they want everyone to be sharing their experiences “like there’s no tomorrow.”

Reacting to the news, xQc explained why this approach is far better from a streamer’s perspective. In order to stream various other titles as soon as possible, xQc has had to jump through some hurdles.

“The only games I got to stream early… I literally had to get someone’s account from New Zealand, pay them so they buy the game on my account, get the account back, change password, log in, and play early.”

For other streamers, they’re often given early access codes. That’s never quite been the case for xQc though. Instead, he has to go about things in a more convoluted way. Manually accessing the game through a New Zealand-based account, the region where games unlock ahead of every other country. 

“I had to even out the playing field,” he explained. But thanks to these new guidelines from CD Projekt Red, that won’t be an issue with the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. “I’m happy that [they] took action in making sure the playing field is even across the board for the consumers.”

“It’s better for everybody,” he added before going off on another tangent. Currently investing his time into GTA V, it’s clear that xQc is eager to take a trip down to Night City. Expect to see him, along with practically every other streamer, jumping into Cyberpunk 2077 as soon as the December 9 embargo comes to an end.