CSGO: Best grenade spots on Dust 2 and lineups 

Jessica Filby
Dust 2 map in CSGO

Great grenade spots on CS:GOs Dust 2 map can greatly impact the success of your match. It can often grant you the upper hand in a battle while still being able to keep yourself and the rest of the team safe. We have the best grenade spots on Dust 2 right here.

The revamp of CS:GO’s Dust 2 map has introduced new players to the classic but it has also mixed a few well-known grenade spots around. This leaves players trying to find the best grenade spots on Dust 2 all over again.

We’ve compiled some of the best grenade spots you can find on Dust 2 to help you navigate this legendary map while still turning the tide of a tough battle.


Popflash grenade spots

Popflashes are meant to blind and stun the enemy unexpectedly, forcing them into a panic and hopefully allowing you to swoop in to wipe them out. A well-placed Popflash can be a game changer so it’s vital you get all the right spots.

Popflash Long A

A Long Doors
Go as close as you dare to throw a good Popflash towards this spot.

Sometimes doing damage to the enemy is not the best strategy when coming trying to rush a certain place on the map. Sometimes, all you need to do is stun them and go in for the kill.

This is particularly useful when rushing through Long A, especially due to those often frustrating doors everyone seems to peek through. Here’s how to stun the enemy and gain a quick advantage:

  1. Head to Long A
  2. Aim towards the doors
  3. Left-Click throw towards the doors and start running towards them

Popflash B Site

Throwing a popflash at B
Aim carefully and shock the enemy, giving you the perfect advantage.

Popflashes are ideal for giving you a huge advantage when storming a location. It hinders the enemy greatly but doesn’t force you to disadvantage yourself too, like a smoke grenade tends to do.

Popflashing B is one of the best ways to storm such a busy and deadly location. Here’s how to get one of the best Popflash spots in Dust 2:

  1. Head to B Main and stand opposite the Lockbox
  2. Aim your crosshair just right of the sign
  3. Run a few steps and left-click throw.

Popflash from T Spawn to A Long

Throwing a flash over to A Long in CSGO
Getting this throw right is a challenge. Be sure to practice your jump throws.

Getting an advantage as soon as possible is vital when you need to get to an objective fast. This is especially useful for a Terrorist who’s trying to push A quickly and efficiently.

Flashing the enemy before you rush an important section like Long A can be the difference between life and death. Here’s how to flash A Long from Terrorist Spawn:

  1. Look towards the doors on the way to A Long from T Spawn
  2. Stand on the car
  3. Perform a left-click jump throw over the walls towards A Long.

HE grenade spots

HE grenades are some of the most powerful grenades in CS:GO. They have decent damage and a high area of effect, but you only get one, so it’s vital you make each throw count.

HE Grenade to A Short

Throwing a HE grenade to A Short
Stay hidden and wipe out the enemy with this Dust 2 grenade shot.

HE Grenades can do some serious damage to a team when used correctly and in the right place. Throwing one into A Short is perfect for when players are rushing CT spawn or are trying to stop any Terrorists from getting near A.

Another reason why this is such a great grenade spot is the fact that you can hit A Short without being seen, staying hidden in Under A itself. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to Under A
  2. Stand on top of the boxes in the corner
  3. Aim at the left building and left-click throw.

HE grenade to B Main

Throwing an HE grenade into B Main
Get this grenade shot off quickly to capitalize on the number of players already there.

This is primarily a grenade spot for Counter-Terrorists since it will stop any enemies from rushing B Main at the beginning of the game.

It works best with the use of a Molotov too but can be done using just an HE grenade if you don’t want to use both. Here’s how to eliminate any B Main rushers:

  1. Head to B doors and look through to B Main
  2. (optional) aim towards B main and throw a Molotov
  3. Aim towards B main and left-click throw the HE grenade
  4. Rush B with your team and wipe out anyone alive

HE grenade Lower Tunnels

Throwing a grenade at lower tunnels
Aim carefully and clear out the lower tunnels before pushing through.

Lower Tunnels in Dust 2 are usually rife with enemies who prefer to stay hidden and attack unsuspecting players. This makes it a relatively dangerous location to push through unless you have the right equipment to clear it out with ease.

A well-placed HE grenade can clear the location of any threats, allowing you to push through or take control of it yourself. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to the Lower Tunnels, particularly the doors under the streetlight
  2. Stand under the streetlight and aim towards the top of the tower in front
  3. Left-Click throw towards the top of the tower

Wipe out Pit campers

Throwing a grenade in the pit
Stealth is vital for a grenade spot like this.

Few aspects of CS:GO are as frustrating as campers. Particularly when they are hidden in the pit by A Long Doors. They’re in a perfect corner and will likely wipe you out before you get to fire off a few shots.

This is where a well-timed HE grenade comes in handy. Each will either kill or push the camper out of their position ready for you to fire. Here’s how to take out any annoying campers:

  1. Head to A Long Doors and stay out of sight from the Pit
  2. Aim to the wall if using a grenade or arc it to land by the corner they’re in if using a Molotov
  3. Throw

Those are the best grenade spots for the Dust 2 map in CS:GO. Why not check out our CS:GO hub for more guides and news? Or, in the meantime, try out some of these:

Molotov spots

Molotovs aren’t particularly deadly unless the enemy gets stuck in the fire. However, it’s ideal for drawing out any campers, so your team can wipe them out efficiently, or preventing a rush.

Denying any New Car hides

Throwing a molotov at the new car spot
Aim carefully and draw out the campers.

The revamp of Dust 2 has introduced a lot of new ways to play, one of those is a new place to hide called New Car. It’s a subtle hide that blocks you from being seen when players are going through A Long and is an ideal spot for picking off the enemy.

If you want to stop players from doing this then you want to throw a Molotov at the car to force the players out of their hiding space. Here’s how to get that perfect shot:

  1. Stand on the long barrel by Long Doors
  2. Left click throw the Molotov over the saloon sign

Molotov the back of B

Throwing a Molotov at B Doors
Destroy the enemies’ plans at B with a well-placed Molotov.

Molotovs are interesting grenades to use in combat. They are long-lasting, have a wide area of effect, and can be extremely frustrating for an enemy.

Throwing one into a well-populated area can quickly change the tide of a battle and bring out players for you to pick off. Here’s how to get that perfect B Site Molotov throw:

  1. Head to B Doors
  2. Stand on the box in the corner just by the doors
  3. Aim your Molotov on the right frame toward the middle rivet
  4. Jump and left-click throw

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