Counter-Strike 2’s Vertigo brings back infamous boost spot after removal in CSGO

Vertigo in counter-Strike 2Valve

Counter-Strike 2’s version of Vertigo has brought back an infamous boost spot. One that was actually removed in CSGO.

Knowing your boost spots in CS might not be the most important skill to have when mastering the game we’d argue nade lineups are much more vital, however, they can certainly be helpful when you need an advantage over an enemy team.

Be it a cheeky angle to shoot targets from or a rat spot to hide from enemies, every single map has its unique boosts to give you a leg up. 

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Back in 2022, one particular boost spot in Vertigo sparked debate over its legality in CSGO tournaments as it gave players an incredible angle to kill opponents on A Ramp. It turns out, it was legal, however was eventually patched out from the game. 

However, with CS2 redesigning all the original maps, Vertigo included, it seems this particular boost spot is now making a return once again. 

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First spotted by CS player JoJo on Twitter, the boost works just like it did in CSGO where a player can be helped up on a spot, right behind A Sandbags, and has a pixel walk that allows them to tuck behind a wall while being able to peak at an off angle that oversees all of A Ramp. 

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The reason why this boost is so good is that enemies coming from A Ramp can’t spot the boosted player. To clear them, they need to be near Sandbags or near the site, which by then, may be too late. 

The boost and its legality in pro matches were initially brought up by CS Youtuber NarT after showcasing it in one of his videos. Several pros, such as NAVI’s flashie, said they were told by ESEA admins it was legal.

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However, ESL referee Michal Slowinski said it was not allowed, which confused some players at the time. Eventually, Valve patched out the pixel walk from Vertigo, making attempts at the boost spot impossible. However, it’s back in CS2, at least for the time being, though it’s uncertain if Valve will remove it again.

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