Highly popular map Tuscan finally gets full CSGO release

Brute & Catfood

The iconic Counter-Strike 1.6 map Tuscan has been released in its full version on the CS:GO workshop.

On Twitter, community map creator ‘Catfood’ revealed that a full version of Tuscan, one of CS 1.6’s most popular maps, was finally available for download on the Steam Workshop. Catfood crafted the map together with Colin ‘Brute’ Volrath, Tuscan’s original creator.

It can already be selected for custom games, and fans will hope that it’s only a matter of time before it’s added to official matchmaking and eventually the active duty map pool — which contains the seven maps that are played in competitive CS:GO.

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The last change to the active map pool came in May 2021, when Ancient replaced Train. Mirage is the only map that has been ever-present in the pool since CS:GO’s release.

This was not Brute’s first attempt to bring the map back to CS:GO. In 2014, he released a much more basic version of Tuscan on the CS:GO workshop with the same layout as the original map, but he ended up shelving the project a year later. In 2016, he wrote on Reddit that he was looking for artists to bring Tuscan “up to CS:GO standards”.

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He then partnered with Catfood, who designed the community map Ruby. In 2021, the pair released a ‘work-in-progress’ version of Tuscan on the CS:GO Steam Workshop, to the delight of players worldwide.

Counter-Strike fans have already had a taste of what the map will look like in competition. In October 2021, NIP, G2, FURIA and MIBR took part in Battle of Betway, an exhibition tournament that was played on legacy maps, including Tuscan. At the recent BLAST Premier Spring Final in Lisbon, a star-studded mix team faced a team made up of Portuguese players on Tuscan.

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There’s no telling if Valve has plans to bring Tuscan to the active map pool, but it’s clear that the map has a special place for CS:GO players, even among pros. Last year, NAVI coach Andrey ‘B1ad3’ Gorodenskiy, Heroic captain Casper ‘cadiaN’ Møller and Cloud9 in-game leader Vladislav ‘nafany’ Gorshkov all spoke in favor of playing the map competitively.

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