Best CS:GO weapon skins in 2022

CSGO weapon skins on a blurred backgroundValve

With thousands of unique CS:GO weapon skins available, finding the best one for you can be a real challenge. Here are some of the best choices in 2022.

One of the best things about CS:GO is the weapons. They all do different things while still allowing you to feel unique by placing a brand new CS:GO weapon skin on the top. It may not change the game statistically, but it will help you look good, and feel like a total badass.

The only issue, some of these weapon skins can be extremely expensive which makes them both well sought after, and relatively rare.

However, these skins are not the only cool designs out there. We will primarily be focusing on skins anyone can get without needing to be a millionaire.

Here are the best CS:GO weapon skins available in 2022.

Player Two

Player Two skin being shown offValve
Show off your Anime and Comic love with this weapon skin.

Any lovers of animes or comics will adore the Player Two CS:GO weapon skin. It’s wonderfully bright, has some interesting designs, and will likely leave you staring at the gun when you should be completing the objective.

It works so well for the M4A1-S and is relatively affordable compared to some of the other skins available in CS:GO.


Nightwish weapon skin in the airValve
Stealth is no more with this bright weapon skin.

When you’ve equipped a weapon skin like the Nightwish onto a gun you will need to throw many aspects of stealth away. After all, it’s easily one of the brightest weapon skins you’ll find in the marketplace.

Nevertheless, as one of the newer available skins, being released in January 2022, the Nightwish sports neon spirals which are all complemented by a creepy-looking creature in the middle of the gun. It’s not the cheapest skin in the game but it’s definitely one of the brightest.


Melondrama duelsValve
Being creepy melon faces into your battle with this weapon skin.

Duelies are rising in popularity and are perfect weapons for both quick battles and this wonderful skin. The Melondrama CS:GO weapon skin is a wonderful combination of creepy and colorful which works perfectly on the sides of the Duel Berettas.

It’s another recent addition to the game so you can expect to see a lot of players sporting it, especially since it’s a relatively cheap skin to grab.

Containment Breach

Looking at the weapon skinValve
Bring stealth and neon together with the CS:GO weapon skin.

As a part of the Shattered Web collection, the Containment Breach weapon skin brings together a radioactive style with color, horror, and mystery. It’s not as colorful as the Nightwish but still manages to bring out a recognizable design that leaves many wanting to buy it.

It works extremely well with the AWP, giving the scope a subtle green ring that complements the main body perfectly.

Aquamarine Revenge

showing off the Aquamarine Revenge weapon skinValve
Combine beauty with death by using this skin.

When it comes to choosing the best CS:GO weapon skin, many either opt for bright and colorful or dark and stealthy. The Aquamarine Revenge skin feels a lot like the design that sits in the middle.

It’s got darker and more sinister accents to it but all of those elements are complemented by the beautiful but not too bright fish. It looks amazing on the AK-47 and is one of those skins that will never go out of style.

Phantom Disruptor

Looking at the Phantom Disruptor weapon skinValve
Fight with the help of a Phantom with this skin.

Only available for the AK-47, the Phantom Disruptor is one of the cheaper skins that looks like it should be considerably more expensive.

The design depicts a beast with deadly teeth spiraling its way through the body of the gun. It’s not as bright as other designs but is simply creepy and beautiful at the same time.


looking at the CSGO weapon skinValve
The snake winds around the hilt of this awesome skin.

If subtlety and moody are the two categories you typically enjoy then the Atheris is the weapon skin for you. The black background is complemented by a winding neon green snake wrapped around the hilt of the AWP and will blend perfectly into the shadows.

It’s relatively cheap and is ideal for anyone looking for a bit of stealth in their sniper fighting. Just be cautious of the brighter elements showing when you don’t want them to.


looking at the Exoskeleton weapon skinValve
Be stealthy with this unique skin.

If you’re looking to be a stealthy sniper but don’t fancy having a deadly green snake wrapped around your gun then the Exoskeleton skin is the next best thing.

It overhauls the design of the whole gun and adds a death style to the CS:GO weapon skin.

Don’t be fooled by the original black design, however, for this skin actually shifts between greens, purples, and black. It may not be a stealth dream but it’s certainly unique.

Kill Confirmed 

Kill Confirmed weapon skin on displayValve
Stand out from the crowd with this bright weapon skin.

As the skin for the USP-S, the Kill Confirmed skin is only seen if you play as a Counter-Terrorist. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to rock some awesome CS:GO weapons skins like this one and still be able to take down the enemy.

While there may be a lot of different skins for the USP-S, this one undeniably stands out from the rest. it’s got a skull design with bullets as fangs and depicts an exploding skull along the barrel of the gun. The whole thing is a work of art.


looking at the Goo skinValve
Feel just like Venom with this CS:GO weapon skin.

The majority of the designs present in CS:GO are unique and beautiful, but few truly explore 3-D styles and designs like the Goo weapon skin.

It looks like what would happen if Venom had a gun and frankly, layered over the MP9, it just looks awesome.

That’s the best CS:GO weapon skins of 2022. Why not check out our CS:GO hub for more guides and news?