All Dust 2 map callouts in CSGO

Sam Comrie
an image dust 2 in cs:go

Dust 2 is the most iconic map within CSGO and we’ve put together all the callouts you’ll need to master this competitive arena. 

There are plenty of brilliant arenas to compete within CSGO, but Dust 2 is undoubtedly the game’s most recognized map. Appearing in every installment of Counter-Strike’s multiplayer over the years, this bomb defusal map has an array of spots to become familiar with.

It can be difficult relaying important callouts to your team in the heat of the moment, so here are all the vital Dust 2 callouts you’ll need in battle.

An image of Dust from CS:GO
Dust 2 is immensely popular among casual and hardcore CSGO players alike.

Every Dust 2 callout in CSGO

While Dust 2 may feel like a fairly small map, there are heaps of areas within it that players have labeled to make communication far easier.

There’s no doubt it will take some time to remember them all, but here is every Dust 2 callout you’ll need in battle.

an image of dust 2 callouts in cs:go
Dust 2 has a variety of areas where the battle can take place.
  • A Default Plant
  • A Ramp
  • A Cross
  • A Plat
  • A Car
  • A Long
  • A Short
  • Back Plat
  • B Back Site
  • Be Plat
  • Double Stack
  • Fence
  • Big Box
  • B Window
  • B Default Plant
  • B Doors
  • B Car
  • B Closet
  • B Boxes
  • Close
  • CT Mid
  • CT Spawn
  • Scaffolding
  • Mid Doors
  • Close Mid Doors
  • Xbox
  • Catwalk
  • Stairs
  • Goose
  • Barrels
  • Elevator
  • Short Boost
  • Long Corner
  • Blue
  • Pit Plat
  • Pit
  • Side Pit
  • Long Doors
  • Outside Long
  • Top Mid
  • Mid
  • Palm
  • Right Side Mid
  • Suicide
  • Lower Tunnels
  • Upper Tunnels
  • Outside Tunnels
  • T Ramp
  • T Plat
  • T Spawn

Once you’ve got the hang of using these callouts on Dust 2, you’ll be able to communicate faster with your teammates. As we all know, communication is the key to victory in CSGO.

And there you have it. Now you’re prepared to master every Dust 2 callout in CSGO. Be sure to check back in with us and keep updated with our constantly updated guides.

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