Best recipes to restore HP in Genshin Impact

Published: 9/Oct/2020 15:59 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 13:38

by Georgina Smith


As you progress through the vast open-world of Genshin Impact, you’ll start to encounter increasingly brutal enemies that can dish out huge amounts of damage to your team. Follow this handy guide for the best recipes to restore your party’s HP.

Free-to-play RPG Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm since it was released on September 28, and in only a few weeks has accumulated over 17 million downloads. For a free-to-play gacha game it is remarkably substantial, and has people praising its stunning cast of characters and engaging gameplay.

While the biggest problem you have at the start of the game is those pesky Hilichurls, as you truck on through the main story, you’ll find yourself coming up against some ferocious beasts like Ruin Guards, and that means consequences for your HP.

genshin impact ruin guard
miHoYo / Twitter: @brentrkoepp
There are some pretty scary foes to defeat throughout the course of the story.

You’ll need a good stock of HP boosting recipes to keep your party healthy, and we’ve collated some of the most useful recipes both for earlier and slightly later in the game to ensure you’re covered no matter who you’re battling.

How to find recipes and cook them:

Checking out merchants and restaurants at cities like Mondstadt is the best way to find brand new recipes where you can utilize your foragable goods. While some may be locked behind a certain Adventure Rank, we have a guide to help you raise your rank as fast as possible so you can get those helpful recipes quicker.

Early in the game you will meet a traveller near the entrance to Mondstadt. Talk to her and she will guide you through the process of using a cooking pot which is a very simple process.

Genshin Impact characters stand by a cooking pot
Talk to Lynn and she will guide you through the cooking process.

To collect ingredients, look for spots that are sparkling around the world of Teyvat, and ensure you investigate to see what’s there. Often you will find vegetables and similar ingredients. You are also able to purchase certain ingredients yourself, and make them in the recipes section.

Best recipes to restore HP:

Chicken mushroom skewer
How to unlock: Unlocked at start of game.
Ingredients: 1 mushroom, 1 fowl
Benefits: Heals 8%-10% of max HP and 800 – 1200 extra HP.

Radish Veggie Soup
How to unlock: Unlocked at start of game.
Ingredients: 1 mint, 1 radish
Benefits: Heals 8% to 10% of max HP plus regeneration.

Fruity Skewers
How to unlock: Must be cooked by Kaeya (character unlocked towards start of game.)
Ingredients: 1 mushroom, 1 fowl
Benefits: Restores 16% max HP plus extra 1200 HP.

Crystal Shrimp
How to unlock: Wanmin restaurant in Liyue, must be Adventure Rank 25 or above.
Ingredients: 3 rice, 2 carrots, 3 shrimp meat
Benefits: Restores 18-22% of Max HP particular character, as well as regenerating 320-490 HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

Screenshot of the cooking screen on Genshin Impact
The cooking process is simple, just hit the stop button when the indicator reaches the orange zone.

Flaming Red Bolognese
How to unlock: Purchase from the Good Hunter, Adventure Rank must be level 20.
Ingredients: 1 tomato, 2 flour, 2 raw meat
Benefits: Restores 18-22% of Max HP to one character. Regenerates 320-490 HP every 5s for the 30s following.

Matsutake meat roll
How to unlock: Unlocked in ‘Custodian of the Clouds’ Archon quest.
Ingredients: 2 raw meat, 2 matsutake
Benefits: Restores 20%-24% of Max HP and an additional 900-1,60 HP to one character.

Mushroom pizza
How to unlock: A hilichurl chest inside Stormterror’s lair.
Ingredients: 4 mushrooms, 2 cabbages, 1 cheese, 3 flour
Benefits: Returns 7.5% HP to all characters in your party. Regenerates 350-580 HP every 5s for the following 30s.

While these are only a small selection of the vast array of recipes you can accumulate in Genshin Impact, these are the ones that are going to give you the biggest boost in HP, and help you defeat those monsters.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War Zombies: New Firebase Z details, Tombstone Soda, Scorestreaks

Published: 15/Jan/2021 21:29 Updated: 15/Jan/2021 21:30

by Tanner Pierce


In celebration of 115 day (which is a reference to Element 115 from Zombies lore), Treyarch have revealed some of the first major details about the upcoming Black Ops Cold War Zombies map, Firebase Z.

During the Black Ops Cold War’s mid-season update, Treyarch announced that a new Zombies map, titled Firebase Z, would be coming before the end of the season and confirmed that more details would be coming on 115 day.

Now, that day is here and it’s safe to say that Treyarch have delivered, at least for the time being, confirming exactly how the map connects to the mode’s overall narrative and revealing some new items that players will be able to use while grinding their way through it.

Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z story

Firebase Z will take place in Vietnam and feature new enemies.

According to Treyarch, Firebase Z takes place in a facility called Outpost 25, which is located in the jungles of Vietnam. Set after the events of the first map, Die Maschine, Samantha Maxis has been captured by Omega Group and it’s up to the Requiem team to go and save her, which brings them to Outpost 25.

The developers also confirmed that the map will feature some brand-new enemies and gameplay mechanics, but they failed to go into detail about what exactly they will be. Could we be seeing a new boss zombie similar to the Megaton from Die Maschine? Fans will have to just wait and see.

New Zombies perk and scorestreaks

Tombstone Soda is returning in Black Ops Cold War and it’ll operate a bit differently than it has in the past.

In addition to the narrative details, Treyarch also confirmed some of the new items coming to the game. The first, which was teased a few weeks back, is the Tombstone Soda perk.

For Black Ops Cold War, the aforementioned perk, which originated in Black Ops II, will feature some novel abilities.

While the player has the perk active, they will turn into a “shadow” if they’re downed. In this form, players can use weapons while they attempt to revive themselves. That being said, if you die while in shadow form, you’re done, presumably until the next round.

If you’re a fan of the original perk, however, that’s not a problem, as the tier-three upgrade for the Black Ops Cold War version allows you to drop a small stash, which includes all of your original items, when you die, which is almost identical to how the BO2 version worked.

Beyond that, the developers also confirmed that two new scorestreaks will be coming to the game: the Artillery and Napalm Strike. Each one can be crafted from the Crafting Table, although it’s unknown whether or not they’ll be available on just Firebase Z or if Die Maschine is also getting some love.

All in all, it seems like Firebase Z is going to bring a ton of cool features when it launches on February 4, 2021, which is sure to liven up the overall Zombies experience in Black Ops Cold War.