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7 games like Wordle you should try in 2022

Published: 3/May/2022 12:30 Updated: 3/May/2022 12:55

by Sam Smith


Wordle might be the most popular mobile puzzle game of all time, but what other games should you check out? Here are seven games like Wordle you should try in 2022.

Developed by Josh Wardle, Wordle is a puzzle game that asks players to guess a five-letter word, with clues given with each guess. Both incredibly fun and infuriatingly difficult at times, the game saw a surge in popularity in 2022. The game has even been purchased by the New York Times,

Due to its popularity, Wordle has sparked a wave of imitators and ushered in a craze around mobile-based word games, but the question is: which Wordle-like games are worth your time?


Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best games like Wordle you can download on your phone in 2022. Some are very similar, while others take the concept and modify it in creative and fun ways.


wordle gameplay
Josh Wardle/powerlanguage
Wordle’s popularity is nothing short of astounding.

Games like Wordle

Here are the seven best games like Wordle that you should be downloading and checking out in 2022:


Scrabble is the undisputed king of all word-based board games, however, the brand has often struggled to make the transition to mobile gaming. There have been many different Scrabble apps over the years, but the current iteration is everything we wanted it to be.

If you love playing the original Scrabble with your family and friends, or are looking for an app like Wordle to test your brain, try Scrabble’s latest mobile offering. It’s hard to deny that Wordle has influenced this version, but let’s not forget — Scrabble influenced all mobile word games.



Nerdle is essentially Wordle, but with numbers. It’s not going to be for everyone, but those who are keen to show off their math skills will enjoy it. It mirrors Wordle in a lot of ways too, using that game’s rules and mechanics, but with a numerical twist.

If words aren’t your thing, but numbers are, then Nerdle will be a great way to get your own back on those who show off at Wordle. Get your friends to download the app, and let the mathematical mayhem begin.

Nerdle gameplay
Nerdle is like Wordle but with numbers.


While it looks like Wordle when written down, Worldle is an entirely different game. As the name suggests, this is based on geography rather than words. The game will show you an outline of a country, along with some basic facts about it, and challenge you to name which one it is.


Of course, some countries are easy, any of us could spot Italy or the UK, but the real fun begins when the app starts showing you pictures of land-locked nations. This is when your knowledge of the world map really starts to come in handy.


Waffle is different from Wordle as it’s all about unjumbling words rather than guessing what they are. The game provides a crossword grid full of different words, then challenges you to work out what each one is.

It sounds easier than Wordle, as the letters you’ll need are already there, but in order to know what the word is, you’ll need to have it in your vocabulary. Even the most talented wordsmiths will be undone by Waffle on occasion, and it’s a great way to learn some new words.


waffle gameplay Waffle is like Wordle, but with an emphasis on unjumbling words.


Crosswordle is a lot like Wordle but in the classic crossword format. The game gives you the answer at the bottom of the screen, but your challenge is to work backward to figure out what the rest of the grid is.

The game is essentially Wordle in reverse — a novel idea that lends itself well to some classic crossword puzzles. If you’re a fan of either, this will be right up your street.

Words With Friends 2

Wordle is the spiritual successor to Words With Friends and in many ways, owes its existence to it — at least in part. Words With Friends was massive when it was first released and set the standard for mobile puzzle games for years to come.


While Wordle would go on to inherit its crown, a sequel to Words With Friends was released in 2017. This game takes the template of the original and expands on it, creating a much more streamlined and engaging experience.

If you enjoyed the original Words With Friends and love Wordle, then you owe it to yourself to give Words With Friends 2 a try.

words with friends 2 gameplay
Words With Friends 2 is the sequel to the game that started it all.


Squabble is a lot like Wordle, but with an additional bonus: multiplayer. It borrows elements from Wordle and Words With Friends, merging them into a new experience; the game even has Battle Royale-style play.

Here, a group of players can enter a match, where each player tries to guess a word. Wrong answers eventually lead to players being eliminated one by one until only the champion remains.

If you’ve ever wanted to dominate a group of strangers or friends in a word-based battle of wits, then Squabble will let you do just that.

So there you have it, the seven best games like Wordle.

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