Yesterday’s Wordle word (January 29): What was yesterday’s Wordle answer?

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If you’re looking for yesterday’s Wordle word of the day, we have you covered with the answer. Besides ruling out the word for today’s answer, knowing yesterday’s word can also be helpful for your future guesses.

Wordle has become a household name that keeps players waiting for every day’s new word and knowing what yesterday’s answer was can go a long way with your future guesses. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to help you with yesterday’s Wordle word of the day.

Given that the trick to success for word guessing games is keeping many same-natured words in your mind, we recommend you check this page daily to keep an eye out for every word that has already been featured in Wordle.

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Updated January 30, 2023, to add yesterday’s Wordle for January 29.

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Make sure to remember what each color stands for in Wordle.


Yesterday’s Wordle word of the day (January 29)

Yesterday’s Wordle answer was:

  • Fishy

If you’re looking for a full list of all the previous answers, you can check our daily Wordle clues and answers guide. You can also check out our guides for how to play Wordle, cheat sheet, or even a hub for the best starting words.

Make sure not to use this word anytime in the future as Wordle never repeats a previously featured answer.

Definition of Yesterday’s Wordle answer

Fishy refers to a slang term for something suspicious.

So there you have it, that’s all you need to know about yesterday’s Wordle answer of the day.

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