Daily Globle answers: Clues for today’s Globle Mystery Country of the day (June 10)

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A 3D-modeled globe is shown in Globle

If you’re struggling to guess the mystery country name in today’s Globle, don’t worry – we’ve got some useful hints and clues that will help you guess the daily Globle answer for June 10.

Ever since Wordle started to gain huge popularity, a lot of internet-based guessing games have started to pop up — one such game is Globle. In Globle, players have to guess the name of a country without any possible hints.

The countries may be anywhere in the world, but the only way to know you’re on the right path is by noticing the red color palette of the first country you’ve guessed. The hotter the color, the geographically closer you are to the answer.

Unlike Wordle, you’re not given hints in the form of letters. So, we’ve included a bunch of hints for today’s Globle mystery country of the day, along with a list of some previous daily answers to give you a better idea about the game.


The only guide needed to play Globle
The closer you are to the answer, the hotter will the red color be.

Hints for today’s Globle answer (June 10)

Here are some clues to help you guess today’s mystery country:

  • The country is a part of West Africa.
  • Monrovia is the capital of the country.
  • The word begins with the letter L.
  • The country name is seven letters.

Hopefully, that’s helped you guess today’s Globle! If you still can’t figure it out, check out the answer below.

What is today’s Globle answer? (June 10)

In case you didn’t manage to guess the name yet, the answer to today’s Globle is Liberia.

Did that seem easy? Or were you left completely clueless? Either way, come back tomorrow when we’ll have more Globle clues and answers. Keep reading for the entire Globle country list from the past few weeks.

an image of globle
No word hints are provided in Globle.

Previous Globle answers archive

Date Globle answer
June 9 Kuwait
June 8 St. Vin. and Gren. (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
June 7 Thailand
June 6 San Marino
June 5 Spain
June 4 Guyana
June 3 Andorra
June 2 Slovenia
June 1 Honduras
May 31 Lithuania
May 30 Azerbaijan
May 29 Belgium
May 28 Denmark
May 27 Jordan
May 26 Russia
May 25 Namibia
May 24 Burkina Faso
May 23 Sierra Leone
May 22 Suriname
May 21 Cabo Verde
May 20 Vatican City
May 19 Madagascar
May 18 Gambia
May 17 Croatia
May 16 Taiwan
May 15 Seychelles
May 14 Marshall Islands
May 13 Vietnam
May 12 Bahamas
May 11 Libya
May 10 Peru
May 9 Tajikistan
May 8 Norway
May 7 Guatemala
May 6 Eswatini
May 5 Montenegro
May 4 Sri Lanka
May 3 Japan
May 2 Australia
May 1 Saudi Arabia

The Globle country list above will give you a good idea about what kinds of names are usually featured as the mystery country of the day.

These answers are highly unlikely to repeat themselves in Globle, so it’s definitely worth going through them.

That’s all for today’s Globle. Make sure you check back tomorrow for more clues, and if you want to explore more such guessing games, check out our hub featuring some of the best games similar to Wordle.

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