Best Dungeons & Dragons gifts 2023: Dice sets, books, apparel & more

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Dungeons & Dragons gifts

From dice sets to beautifully illustrated guidebooks, we’ve got you covered with the best gifts for Dungeons & Dragons players.

Dungeons & Dragons is huge. It has players all around the globe who are always looking for the next great D&D item. Thankfully, with so many different D&D gifts out there, buying something for your favorite fan has never been easier.

What isn’t easy is finding the perfect present for your fellow player, DM, or D&D loved one. So, to help narrow that search, here are the best Dungeons & Dragons gifts in 2023.

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Dice Sets

Whether you believe in dice being lucky or you know how imperative it is to have a set that matches your character, you can’t play Dungeons & Dragons without a good set of dice.

Thankfully, there are tons to choose from, which can be a little tricky. So, here are the best D&D dice on the market, from cheap and beautiful to handcrafted unique designs.

Dice Bags

D&D Gift dice bags
Store your dice in the best way with these Dice Bags.

If you’re looking to buy your favorite D&D player or DM a Dungeons and Dragons gift, there is no better choice than a dice bag, especially if you’ve just found some sets you adore from the links above.

Dice bags are imperative for any player, sorting all your sets in one place and letting you feel like a true D&D player. Here are some great dice bags to choose from, whether you have 1 or 100 sets to squeeze in.

Dungeons & Dragons Books

You can’t really play D&D without books, specifically some of the core rulebooks. So, whether you’re buying your favorite D&D player the book with their chosen race inside or your DM a new adventure book you’d just love to play, the choice is plenty.

For all available D&D 5e books, take a look at our guide featuring a little about each book and where you can grab them.

Tabletop Miniatures

D&D is a roleplaying TTRPG filled with imagination and immersion, and nothing helps increase such immersion like tabletop miniatures. Specifically of the player’s character or a monster, they’re soon to fight. There’s such a wide range of minis to choose from so here are a few classics to help you out.

Dungeons Master Screen

DM screen D&D gift
Create the story behind these beautiful DM screens.

A Dungeon Master’s Screen is an essential tool for every DM. So, if your DM’s birthday is coming up, or if you just want to thank them for working tirelessly to bring a fantastic session to your table every time you play, you’ll want to get them a DM’s Screen. They come in various designs and can be made to feel a little more personal. Here are our top picks.

D&D Apparel

Not all D&D gifts need to be for the table, some can be for the player who loves to show off their passions outside the room using some fantastic D&D T-Shirts, hoodies, and apparel. After all, why keep the love for D&D behind dice, a character sheet, and a table?

D&D Pins

D&D Apparel might not be great for some players and they may want to show off their passions in either a more subtle way or by adding to their pin collection. Either way, there’s so much potential for D&D pins from class-specific collections to classic comedic creations.

D&D Art and Arcana: A Visual History

Art & Arcana DnD book
Read up on your D&D history with this beautiful book.

What do you buy the D&D fan that has everything? After all, plenty of players have their own Miniatures, dice, dice bags, and setup for their games. This is the moment when you need to buy them something more, something to display or learn from. This is where D&D Art and Arcana: A Visual History comes in. It’s a visual compendium that provides an in-depth exploration of the history and evolution of Dungeons & Dragons and is a fantastic gift for anyone.

Adventure Grids and Battle Maps

Adventure Grids and Battle Maps are a great gift for the same reason miniatures work perfectly, for greater D&D immersion. Whether you’re planning out your next battle, want to know where you’re characters are in respect to the enemy, or if you just want to present a more immersive experience, Adventure Grids and Battle Maps are the best gift for your group.

D&D Board Games

Sure, some D&D players prefer the roleplay aspect of their games or the strategic combat, but it’s pretty typical of a Dungeons and Dragons fan to also love the element where they get to sit around the table with friends and share in a common objective. So, naturally, most are also into board games – and what better than to combine the two with these D&D board games?

There you have it, those are the best Dungeons and Dragons gifts of 2023. While waiting for your next purchase to arrive, take a look at some of our other D&D content:

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