Back 4 Blood players claim Nightmare mode is still “broken” after its update

back 4 blood nightmareTurtle Rock Studios

A Back 4 Blood Nightmare guide showed what it takes to beat the game’s hardest difficulty, but players think it’s a sign that the game is still “broken.”

B4B has a deck system in which players can improve their character’s ability to help a run. People can unlock cards and test out unique builds to face the undead hoard.

Shortly after the game’s release, B4B players noticed the official game played a lot harder than the beta. Community concerns reached the developers who later updated the title with balance changes to spawn rates, damage output, and special zombie nerfs

Even after the update, people are still concerned about the game’s difficulty with some hitting frustrating roadblocks on ‘Veteran,’ a tier lower than the hardest mode.

Back 4 Blood Nightmare concerns

back 4 blood nightmareTurtle Rock Studios
Turtle Rock Studios nerfed special zombie spawns and more after player complaints.

A guide by redditor ‘AlanChan007’ showed how their team managed to finagle their way through Nightmare mode. The B4B community commended the achievement but the stringent gameplay that it took raised some questions.

“[The] point wasn’t that the game’s hardest difficulty shouldn’t be hard,” one person explained. “It was that it shouldn’t be so broken that all the players beating it are using glitches, exploits, and a playstyle that goes against the core games design of shooting zombies.”

“The fact you had to cheese the game at various points (bots, restarts, speedrunning, apparently some glitch for T5) honestly says a lot about how messed up Nightmare and probably the general game balance is,” user ‘Silvaren7’ said. “It’s really just pure RNG and cheese.”

Complaints about RNG were something that the devs heard a lot about after B4B was released. There were problems with how many and where special zombies would spawn that would result in some runs feeling impossible.

back 4 blood nightmareTurtle Rock Studios
Back 4 Blood players still think the game needs to be adjusted to allow for different strategies to be viable.

This led some people to heavily rely on “mobility and nade spam” builds that “defeat the entire purpose of the deck system, which is to have a variety of different builds,” another person said.

Though it’s still a new game and players have a lot to learn about how the card system works and optimal decks, Back 4 Blood’s current state still feels odd for some.

“Nightmare should be doable as a 4-man and difficult all while actually playing the game, not running past everything,” user ‘FrenchCrazy said.

Turtle Rock Studios have reacted quickly to mounting player complaints in the past and it’ll be interesting to see how they move forward with more calls to nerf the game.