Overwatch pros are using an Overwatch 2 clone to play early

paris eternal ow2The Overwatch League

A new Overwatch workshop mode that is a clone of Overwatch 2 has been made and one Overwatch League (OWL) team is taking full advantage.

Overwatch’s workshop mode is one of the game’s most community-driven and innovative features.

It allows players to create their own games, play others’ creations, and even has a way to see what is most popular to the player base.

Ahead of the upcoming OWL season, which will be played on Overwatch 2, one pro team has patterned with a prominent workshop creator to build a clone of the sequel for their tryouts.

Overwatch 2 workshop mode used in pro tryouts

paris eternal echoThe Overwatch League
The Paris Eternal got creative this offseason, taking their tryouts to the next level.

Michael Czarnowski, with Upcomer, conducted an interview with Paris Eternal Gm Kim ‘AVALLA’ Kyoung Ey to discuss the team’s recruiting process ahead of the upcoming season and notable switch to Overwatch 2.

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This involved more than just switching from 6v6 to 5v5, apparently, many of the announced updates were also included in the workshop mode.

This was in large part due to the help of Coby ‘CactusPuppy’ Zhong, one of the workshop mode leads at Elo Hell Esports.

The Eternal employed this mode to stay ahead of the curve in the offseason, which has thus far had a laundry list of player transfers and major shifts. This will also help the team to get the best feel possible for how free agents will be able to adapt to the changes in OW2.

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Can you play on this Overwatch 2 workshop clone?

overwatch workshopActivision Blizzard
Fans are going to be dying to get their hands on this new mode.

In the interview, there was no mention of a workshop code, nor any information on how to find or play the mode yourself.

This is likely a byproduct of the Paris Eternal not wanting other teams using the mode to have the same offseason advantage as they have. So, for the time being, this may be kept in a locked safe.

However, once the offseason is completed and/or teams get access to a build of the sequel to practice on, this could potentially be made available.

In the event that it does, we will provide updates on how to play it, as everyone is dying to get their hands on Overwatch 2, even just through a workshop mode.

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