How to destroy Void Fragments in The First Descendant & locations

Sourav Banik
a Void Fragment in The First Descendant

The First Descendant Void Fragments are monolith-like objects that give valuable resources when they’re destroyed. So, here’s how you can destroy them to get rewards.

While roaming around Ingris or simply completing missions, you may have noticed the orange-colored icons on the map. These are known as Void Missions.

Void Missions are split into two types – Void Fragments and Void Fusion Reactor. These missions feature swarms of enemies, but if you manage to successfully destroy the Void Fragments, you’ll earn essential resources like XP, Gold, Reactors, and more.

How to destroy Void Fragments

Void Fragments in The First Descendant
Void Fragments require you to use your active skills to beat them.

You can destroy Void Fragments by using the Active Skills of the character you’re playing as. For example, if you’re playing as Ajax, use his Expulsion ability. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Firstly, do some damage to the Void Fragments.
  • This will spawn multiple enemies or Vulgus at once.
  • As these Vulgus spawn out, you’re going to need to attack and kill those first as the Void Fragments will be immune to damage at this point.
  • After that, take on the Void Fragments as they are at their weakest

Tip: Exploit this weakness

If you kill all the Vulgus to deactivate the shield and continue hitting the structure, you will eventually destroy the Void Fragment. Rinse and repeat until it falls.

Where to find Void Fragments: location revealed

You can find Void Fragments in the Kingston region. These require Non-Attribute Descendants, like Ajax who is one of the starter Descendants.

a Void Fragment mission in The First Descendant
Not all Void Fragments are bound to Attributes.

Best characters to use for Void Fragments

Void Fragments from other regions require other Attributes like Electric or Fire, which means the monolith-like structures will only take elemental damage from Descendants with those elements.

For Void Fragments with Electric and Fire attributes, you can choose Bunny and Lepic. You can unlock Bunny by using our handy guide here.

Void Fragments rewards

The rewards you get after destroying Void Fragments include Gold, Shards, and Solenoid.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all rewards from different Void Fragments in Ingris:

LocationAttribute RequiredRewards
Kingston (Grand Square)Non-Attribute1x Polymer Shard, 1x Monomer Shard, 1x Organic Shard, 1x Inorganic Shard
Sterile Land (Rockfall)Electric4x Monomer Shards, 1x Polymer Shard
Sterile Land (Restricted Zone)Fire1x Polymer Shard, 1x Monomer Shard, 1x Organic Shard, 1x Inorganic Shard
Sterile Land (Repository)Electric4x Monomer Shards, 1x Inorganic Shard
Sterile Land (Ironworks)Chill1x Polymer Shard, 1x Monomer Shard, 1x Organic Shard, 1x Inorganic Shard

What to do with Void Shards?

a Void Fusion Reactor in The First Descendant
You can interact with Void Fusion Reactors to start a combat sequence.

Once you’ve accumulated enough Shards, take them to the nearest Void Fusion Reactor and you can interact with them to initiate an encounter with a miniboss.

Be careful though, as multiple smaller enemies will spawn — we recommend taking a friend along for the best results.

Void Fusion Reactors are the second type of Void Missions. Simply defeat all the enemies to earn resources and a Reconstruction Device will be placed where you can open Amorphous Materials.

Void Missions are a great way to increase your Mastery level — an area that is needed if you wish to maximize your DPS and take down the game’s toughest bosses.

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