The First Descendant July 11 patch notes: Hard Mode matchmaking, optimization, more

Noelle Corbett
An image of Ajax in The First Descendant.

Nexon has released a hotfix for The First Descendant that adds a fan-requested Hard Mode change along with other improvements and bug fixes.

As promised days earlier, The First Descendant‘s Hotfix 1.0.2, released on July 11, finally adds matchmaking to Hard Mode, fixing an issue that had many players planning to skip the endgame.

The devs have addressed other criticisms of the game, promising future improvements to bosses and “[preparing] ways to improve the farming experience” that will hopefully combat the “rage inducing” grind.

Beyond that, the Hotfix includes optimization improvements (mostly for PC) and bug fixes that should make the entire experience smoother.

The First Descendant July 11 hotfix patch notes

The First Descendant squad

Nexon’s full patch notes can be found here.

Content Improvements

– Added the ‘Start Public Operation’ function (matchmaking) to Infiltration Operations (Hard). ‘Start Public Operation’ is available even if you change the selected reward, but if you select an additional option, only ‘Start Private Operation’ will be available.

– Removed the sequential type Immunity Spheres from Named Monsters. They have been changed to either the default or extermination types.

: The Dev Team acknowledges the community’s concern about the monotonous patterns of Named Monsters and strives to enhance them.
In particular, we’ve noted that the pattern involving breaking spheres in a specific order isn’t appropriate for public matching and have decided to remove it immediately.
As new patterns are developed, we will soon update the patterns of existing Named Monsters one by one.
As Named Monsters frequently appear in Hard difficulty and Special Operations, we will continue working towards diversifying their patterns.

– Increased the quantity of rare basic materials dropped from Encrypted Vaults three-fold. The Elite Vulgus that appear in Field Missions and Infiltration Operations will now drop them too.

: The most efficient way to farm rare basic materials is still through Encrypted Vaults, but for those who prefer hunting monsters, we have updated Field Missions and Infiltration Operations to drop these materials too.
The Dev Team will closely monitor the overall farming status and do our best to create a joyful environment for all our Descendants.

– Reduced the time from two 90-second to two 60-second occupations for the Kingston ‘Vulgus Data Transmitter’ Hacking Mission.

– Improved the Battle Pass Battle Supply Shop button’s visibility by redesigning it in the format of the Bonus Shop banner.

: You can get season-limited skins for free from the Battle Supply Shop. Complete pre-season challenges to claim your special skins!

– Updated the Library window from closing when the map is opened and closed through the Acquisition Information pop-up.

– Improved the duration of party invitation messages to make them easier to confirm and accept.

– Improved the duration of the Descendant Instructor’s lines.

: Many Descendants have commented that the Descendant Instructor’s dialogue contains many useful game tips.
Currently, it’s not possible to revisit previous dialogues, but we are planning to fix this.
We will continue to make improvements so that Descendants can easily access the information they require.

– Moved the guide NPC you meet after first arriving in Albion closer.

Optimization Improvements

– [PC] Improved the stability of the shader preparation process by reducing the CPU load during shader generation.

Currently, we are actively monitoring this issue, and if you encounter issues with a 13th or 14th gen Intel, please refer to Intel’s official guide.

– [PC] Lowered GPU memory usage when set at High or higher quality.

– [PC] Fixed an issue where character skins were displayed abnormally in low graphics settings intermittently during extended play.

– [PC] Fixed a bug that allowed frame limits to be set when using Nvidia and AMD’s Frame Generation.

– [Common] Fixed an issue where shadows were intermittently displayed abnormally depending on the view.

– [Common] Made various other fixes for optimization purposes, and we will continuously monitor them.

Bug Fixes

(1) UI/UX

– Fixed an issue displaying unused items in the Library.

(2) Descendants

– Fixed an issue where Descendants could not get out of DBNO when their HP was below -100% from module settings.

– Fixed an issue where Kyle would occasionally go up into the air when using ‘Superconductivity Thrusters’ during ‘Repulsion Dash’.

– Fixed an issue where Esiemo could not get back up while using ‘Arche Explosion’ and being inflicted with Knockback.

(3) Modules

– Fixed an issue where the increase in Firearm ATK per stack in the ‘Sharp Precision Shot’ module was summed instead of multiplied.

(4) Equipment

– Fixed an issue where a weapon’s attribute damage did not apply damage over 100,000.

– Fixed an issue where higher values were displayed as the Ultimate (Gold) option despite the Reactor’s Skill Cooldown and Skill Cost stats being preferable with lower values.

– Fixed an issue where lower values were displayed as the Ultimate (Gold) option despite the Weapon Change Speed stat being preferable with higher values.

(5) Field

– Fixed an issue where ‘Amorphous Material Pattern: 118’ and ‘Shape Stabilizer Form 8’ were not dropped at ‘Frozen Valley: Vulgus Strategic Outpost’ in Fortress (Hard).

– Fixed an issue where Elite Vulgus in the White-night Gulch ‘Upper Hatchery’ Battlefield Missions did not drop rewards.

– Fixed an issue where monster spawning was interrupted at some Vulgus Strategic Outposts.

(6) Instance Dungeon

– Fixed an issue where Vespers resource box materials were dropped from Echo Swamp, Agna Desert, White-night Gulch, Hagios, and Fortress Infiltration Operation resource boxes.

(7) Research

– Fixed an issue where the core materials of Ultimate Descendants were incorrectly displayed as Rare instead of Ultimate Tier.

(8) Miscellaneous

– [French] Fixed an issue where the ‘Go to title screen’ menu was displayed with the same phrase as ‘Exit Game’.

– [French] Fixed an issue in the story where ‘Ultimate Chimera’ was used for ‘Dreadful Abomination’.

– [French] Added missing words in the probability display for Executioner Tier 3 Set 4.

: It has come to our attention that the community is worried about possible nerfs to Tamer and Gley’s infinite magazine builds.
This meta is very strong, but since it is within the scope of what the Dev Team has planned, there are no immediate plans to do so.

In addition, some weapons are more powerful than Tamer and there are a variety of character builds that rival Gley’s infinite magazine, so please enjoy them fully. We’ve been looking forward to seeing Descendants use creative builds to take down powerful Colossi swiftly, so we’re quite delighted to see this in action now. 

We are well aware that as many Descendants begin farming in earnest, various discussions are taking place regarding drop rates. There is no variable drop rate system in The First Descendant. We are using the fixed rates displayed in the game. The Dev Team has reviewed the acquisition rates across all servers and confirmed that they are dropping according to the rates displayed. We are currently working on various measures to ensure the community can trust the dev team such as disclosing item drop amounts for each content. And we also prepare ways to improve the farming experience. The First Descendant will continue to communicate transparently and honestly.