Apex Legends player discovers genius Newcastle door trick

newcastle holding shield in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has discovered an extremely clever use for Newcastle’s Passive ability, Retrieve the Wounded.

With the vast amount of mechanics present throughout Apex Legends, it’s no wonder players often stumble upon new ways to utilize Legend abilities in clever ways.

Whether it’s pro streamers stumbling upon brilliant Legend counters or random players finding clever ways to utilize helpful abilities, the Apex community has a knack for uncovering new aspects of the game’s systems and mechanics.

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Now, one Newcastle player has found a clever trick to stop opponents from breaking doors while using Newcastle’s Passive ability, Retrieve the Wounded.

Apex Legends player finds clever Newcastle trick

The trick comes from the Apex Legends subreddit, where a player posted a video with the caption “Newcastle can prevent the door from being kicked.”

The video shows a Newcastle player going to revive a player who was downed in front of a door. While reviving them, Newcastle’s Passive activated, which bled through the door and prevented the opponent from breaking it down from the other side.

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For those who may not know, Newcastle’s Passive allows him to move while reviving opponents, and also gives him his own, giant knockdown shield while helping an ally.

Players were impressed by the helpful tip, with some Newcastle mains claiming they would try to utilize it in their playstyle from now on. “dang this is excellent, I gotta incorporate this tactic into my usage of Newcastle! Really comes in handy when trying to rescue a teammate.”

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Others began brainstorming ways to use it in other scenarios, as one player asked, “If this works, in theory you can use his tactical to block a kick right?”

According to a handful of comments on the post, this same trick is also possible with Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection, though it requires much more precision to pull off. Hopefully, Newcastle mains can make good use of this handy trick when helping teammates in future matches.

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