Fallout 4 next-gen update delivered on performance but failed on graphics

Daniel Appleford
Fallout 4 logo

The Fallout 4 next-gen update has finally hit PlayStation and Xbox with the promise of improved graphics but players have noticed the game looks almost the same. 

Bethesda rolled out a massive update to Fallout 4 on all platforms on April 24 that promised to make the game more stable, increase resolution, and get it up to 60 FPS. Outside of slight improvements to FPS, the improved graphical features for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are almost nonexistent. 

YouTuber GameXplain made a video showing the difference between the PlayStation 4 Pro, PS5 Performance mode, and PS5 quality mode. The two latter modes were recently introduced in the Fallout 4 update. 

As shown in the video, there is little difference between the PS4 (right) and PS5 (left) in terms of graphics. The picture quality is seemingly identical which was noticed by commenters beneath the video. However, the footage from the PS5 does seem to move more fluidly thanks to the increase to 60 FPS.

Despite the seemingly non-existent graphical updates, players still celebrated the overall performance updates that came with the next-gen update. Two new modes were added to Fallout 4 on the next-gen release – performance and quality mode.

Performance mode leans more into the increase to 60 FPS that can be achieved on a 120hz monitor. While the quality mode focuses on the “quality” of the image, which doesn’t seem any different from before the update.

Fans of the Fallout franchise praised Bethesda for the highly-anticipated next-gen update to Fallout 4. But despite the increase in player count due to the release of Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV series, older titles like Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas haven’t received the same treatment.