T-Pain’s Forza Horizon 5 reaction to spin wheel jackpot is brilliant

T-Pain spinning Forza Horizon 5's wheelTwitch, T-Pain, Playground Games

Well-known rapper T-Pain absolutely lost it when he was using Forza Horizon 5’s wheel spin mechanic and actually correctly predicted his next turn using it.

The Wheel Spin has been a feature of multiple Forza Horizon games in which players are rewarded for leveling up. To celebrate their achievement, a player gets a turn on the ‘Horizon Wheelspin’ to win cars, skins, credits, or emotes. Rapper T-Pain tried out his luck on the newly-released Forza Horizon 5 and got very lucky.

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A newer version of the wheel – the Super Wheelspin – was introduced in Forza Horizon 4, and it grants three prizes. T-Pain was streaming on Twitch and initially bemoaned his bad luck before landing a jackpot spin.

Mercedes AMG in Forza Horizon 5Playground Games
There are tons of gorgeous cars you can win on Forza’s spin wheel

We joined the Twitch clip with T-Pain having just done his second spin, evident by the spins remaining counter at the bottom. His reward was 70,000 Credits and an emote, to which he replied “Wow, really? Ok.”

He quickly put his disappointment to one side and claimed: “One of these times I’m gonna win three cars.” As he made this prediction, T-Pain was already running through his final spin.

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The reels stopped and all three of them landed on a different car prize. Needless to say, T-Pain absolutely lost it and broke down into a fit of laughter after seeing his prediction happen almost instantly.

The cars themselves weren’t anything to write home about, but the fact that he called it a second or two before it happened was quite remarkable. His Twitch chat had similar reactions with one viewer event saying: “lmaoooo called it.”

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It was a great, wholesome moment that showcased the cool side of Twitch and streaming.

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