Forza Horizon 6 setting: Where will Horizon head next?

Forza horizon in JapanPlayground games

As the sun sets on our Mexican road trip, open-world racing fans will now be wondering, what will be the setting of Forza Horizon 6?

The Forza Horizon games improve with each release as Playground Games refine the formula and driving mechanics. While Forza is all about the cars, the Horizon series is equally about the setting, with that being the main focal point of each entry.

Now, with Colorado, Southern France, Northern Italy, Australia, the UK, and Mexico in our rear mirror, our attention turns to the setting of Forza Horizon 6. Where will our next open-road adventure be set, and when are we likely to see it? We have some ideas about where Forza Horizon 6 will be headed next.

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forza horizon 5 drivingMicrosoft
Mexico was a fantastic setting for Forza Horizon 5.

Forza Horizon 6 release date

With the exception of the fifth entry, Forza Horizon games tend to release every two years. World events and new Xbox consoles may have delayed Forza Horizon 5, but our money is on seeing Forza Horizon 6 in 2023, or maybe 2024.

The series is more popular than ever, so we think Microsoft will be keen to get a new title fast-tracked and try to repeat the success of Horizon 5. Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet by Xbox or Playground Games when it comes to Forza Horizon 6 or its setting.

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Forza Horizon 6: Potential settings

Here’s where we think Forza Horizon 6 could be set:


China has a lot of potential as a Forza Horizon location, imagine a Colossus track around, or even on top of, the Great Wall? China also features a wide range of locations to mix up the gameplay, from vast open countryside, coastal fishing regions, to shining mega-cities, Playground Games could really make something special using China as the setting of Forza Horizon 6.

United Arab Emirates

Car in DubaiThe UAE is synonymous with beautiful cars.

Imagine speeding through the desert, with the city sparkling far in the distance, as you then cruise into a tropical oasis where you store your cars.

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We think this one is a matter of when, rather than if. Forza Horizon 5 showed that desert environments work very well in Horizon games, and this will not be lost on the devs. The UAE is synonymous with beautiful cars and stunning vistas, so locations like Dubai seem destined to host a Horizon festival at some point.


There’s nowhere in the world like India, and this makes it the ideal setting for Forza Horizon 6. The landscape is so varied that Playground Games could really go to town in crafting the most unique Horizon game yet.

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Players could speed through jungles and rolling countryside, past ancient ruins, and towns in blistering heat or against huge monsoons. India must surely be on the list of settings discussed for Forza Horizon 6.


Driving down Germany’s autobahns in a Forza Horizon game seems inevitable, and we’re amazed we haven’t got to do so yet. These are highways with no speed limit, so they would make the perfect setting for Forza Horizon 6.

Of course, the game would need to be more than just the autobahns, so imagine a Horizon Festival with Oktoberfest vibes – minus the drinking, but with an emphasis on cars and German engineering. Driving through the Bavarian countryside and forests would also be amazing. This is a side of Germany that many people don’t know about, or rarely see.

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Drift racing in JapanDrift racing is massive in Japan.

For us, Japan is the number one contender for Forza Horizon 6’s setting. There’s just so much potential, and fans have been crying out for it since Forza Horizon 2. Not only could the game take advantage of the Tokyo drift racing scene, but it could also create some breath-taking street races in some of the world’s most celebrated supercars.

Japan isn’t all about technology and colorful cities though, the country has landscapes like no other place on Earth. Its mountainous regions could play host to some of Forza Horizon’s most exciting rally and cross-country events yet, as players screech past sixteenth-century castles and Buddhist temples. Or through cherry tree forests and hot springs – the scope is limitless.

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Japan simply needs to be a Forza Horizon location at some point. Even if it’s not the setting of Forza Horizon 6, the location will be unlike anything else we’ve ever seen in the series. And the good news is, we think Playground games know this too.

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