Best rally cars in Forza Horizon 5: Hoonigan, Porsche, Mercedes

Porsche in Forza Horizon 5Playground Games

The lightweight Rally cars in Forza all come with different perks, so it’s crucial to know what fits your style as a racer. We’ve got the best Rally cars in Forza Horizon 5 right here to help you spend your Credits on the ultimate build, from Hoonigan to Porsche and Mercedes.

As one of the most highly-anticipated titles this year, Forza Horizon 5 features the biggest list of car models and manufacturers in the series’ history. So, it’s crucial to set your sights on the best Rally cars from the outset to cross the finish line without breaking a sweat.

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Below, we’ve listed 8 Rally cars to choose from to fit your style and to know what the rest of the competition will likely be working with when you hit the road.

Best Rally cars in Forza Horizon 5

The following cars are the best Rally racers currently available in FH5:

Porsche #3 917 LH 1970 (S1)

Porsche 917 LH, one of the best rally cars, under the open skies of Forza Horizon 5Playground Games
This Porsche is a solid all-around choice – good enough in every area to be competitive.
  • Performance Class & Rating: S1 / 856
  • Speed: 8.2
  • Handling: 5.9
  • Acceleration: 7.2
  • Launch: 7.1
  • Braking: 4.9
  • Offroad: 4.0

Featuring a decently stacked set of stats for Rally races, including an 8.2 in Speed, 7.2 in Acceleration, and 7.1 for Launch, you’ll be able to take off relatively consistently against your competitors in the Porsche #3 917 LH 1970.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR ” Welcome Pack” 2008 (A)

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, one of the best rally cars, sits on open ground in Forza Horizon 5Playground Games
This classic Lancer build will get you up to speed in no time. If you’re looking for a hot start you can’t go wrong with its high-tier acceleration.
  • Performance Class & Rating: A / 800
  • Speed: 7.1
  • Handling 5.8:
  • Acceleration: 9.2
  • Launch: 4.6
  • Braking: 4.1
  • Offroad: 8.1

While the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR may have a lackluster base set of stats when stacked up against the other Rally cars on this list, you’ll find its near-perfect 9.2 in Acceleration absolutely nothing to scoff at.

Mercedes AMG Hammer Coupe 1987 (B)

Profile view of the Mercedes AMG Hammer in Forza Horizon 5Playground Games
The Mercedes AMG Hammer Coupe gets outclassed by the highest performers in its class, but it’s another solid middle ground choice.
  • Performance Class & Rating: B / 681
  • Speed: 7.2
  • Handling: 5.5
  • Acceleration: 4.2
  • Launch: 3.0
  • Braking: 3.8
  • Offroad: 4.7

While it’s true that there are much better choices overall, taking the Mercedes AMG Hammer Coupe for a spin is still a middle-ground option, with a more than feasible 7.2 Speed, despite its set of other underwhelming stats. With a tuneup, you’ll be able to take this car even further if it’s one of your favorites.

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Lola #6 Penske Sunoco T70 MKIIIB 1969 (S1)

Full body view of Lola #6 Penske Sunoco T70 in Forza Horizon 5Playground Games
The Lola #6 Penske Sunoco T70 MKIIIB is a great (and stylish) to take for a spin.
  • Performance Class & Rating: S1 / 818
  • Speed: 7.1
  • Handling: 5.7
  • Acceleration: 7.0
  • Launch: 7.7
  • Braking: 4.8
  • Offroad: 4.2

Speed and acceleration are where the Lola #6 Penske Sunoco T70 MKIIIB finds its ground amongst the competition. For 850,00 Credits, it verges on overpriced, but the performance justifies the cost. With an evenly stacked set of stats where it counts, with Speed at 7.1, Acceleration at 7.0, and the second-highest Launch stat on this list at 7.7, this is definitely one to save up for.

Hoonigan Ford “Hoonicorn” Mustang 1965 (S2)

Ford Hoonicorn, one of the best rally cars, on display in FH5Playground Games
There’s no faster option in the class. The Ford Hoonicorn will pass you in a flash, so don’t be caught off guard when one zips by.
  • Performance Class & Rating: S2 / 951
  • Speed: 9.2
  • Handling: 6.7
  • Acceleration: 10.0
  • Launch: 7.4
  • Braking: 5.9
  • Offroad: 5.5

If you’re looking for a true speed demon that’ll take you from A to B in an instant, the classic Hoonigan Ford “Hoonicorn” Mustang is a great choice for Rally races, drag races, and is one of the fastest cars in the game overall. At 500,000 Credits, you’re getting way more bang for your buck due to its flexibility across many different race types. Featuring 9.2 in Speed, 10.0 in Acceleration, and a 7.4 in Launch, the Hoonicorn has all you’ll need for those lightning-fast Rally races.

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Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A 1991

Clear view of the Hoonigan Escort in Forza Horizon 5Playground Games
It’s all about “get up and go” with the Gymkhana 10 Ford Escort. It may not have the highest top speed, but there’s a lot of pep in its compact step.
  • Performance Class & Rating: S1 / 864
  • Speed: 5.1
  • Handling: 5.7
  • Acceleration: 9.2
  • Launch: 10.0
  • Braking: 6.4
  • Offroad: 7.2

Flipping the Hoonicorn’s stats on its head slightly, the Hoonigan Gymkhana approaches things from a slightly different angle – but is still just as viable. With a 9.2 in Acceleration and 10.0 in Launch, it’ll be able to get up towards the front much easier, despite an underwhelming overall top Speed of 5.1.

Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evolution 1986 (S2)

An image of the RS200 Hoonigan Ford Evolution in Forza Horizon 5, one of the best rally carsXbox Game Studios / YouTube: IsuckAtDriving
Take things back to the 80s with the RS200 Hoonigan Ford Evolution.
  • Performance Class & Rating: S2 / 904
  • Speed: 7.6
  • Handling: 6.5
  • Acceleration: 9.5
  • Launch: 5.1
  • Braking: 5.3
  • Offroad: 8.3

As another Ford car on this list, the lightweight Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evolution 1986 is a surefire way to ensure yourself a victory. With a deadly 9.5 Acceleration and a warming up 7.6 in Speed, you’ll be able to consistently keep up with the best, coupled with an always-useful 8.3 stat in Offroad for taking things off-track and shock absorbers for more stability overall.

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Formula Drift #357 Chevrolet Z06 2017 (S1)

Formula Drift 357 Chevy ZO6 Playground Games
Chevrolet scores big with the Z06 – the high speed will have you forgetting about some of its other middle-of-the-road qualities.
  • Performance Class & Rating: S1 / 835
  • Speed: 8.9
  • Handling: 5.5
  • Acceleration: 5.1
  • Launch: 5.4
  • Braking: 4.9
  • Offroad: 4.4

The Formula Drift #357 Chevrolet Z06 2017 is an absolute must-have if you’re looking to enter Rally races often. If its zippy 8.9 Speed doesn’t convince you, the fact that it’s entirely free just might. While its other set of stats are definitely average before any tunings and upgrades, it’ll get you where you need to go in an instant with the second-highest speed on our list, making this less of an issue overall.

Ford Racing Puma Forza Edition 1999

The Ford Racing Puma Forza Edition rally car in FH5Xbox Game Studios / YouTube: Alex Djuzhen
Make a statement with the Forza Edition of the Ford Racing Puma 1999.
  • Performance Class & Rating: S1 / 900
  • Speed: 5.7
  • Handling: 6.3
  • Acceleration: 9.4
  • Launch: 6.0
  • Braking: 5.8
  • Offroad: 8.0

With a show-stopping set of headlights, the Ford Racing Puma Forza Edition 1999 isn’t just a pretty face. Featuring an 8.0 stat for Offroad racing alongside 9.4 in Acceleration, this car is definitely one to take out for a spin if you’ve got access to the VIP Membership Pack.

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Auto Union Type D 1939

An image of the Auto Union Type D in FH5Playground Games
The Auto Union Type D features an unforgettable design and a ludicrous speed cap when compared against the field.
  • Performance Class & Rating: B / 675
  • Speed: 8.4
  • Handling: 4.2
  • Acceleration: 4.5
  • Launch: 3.4
  • Braking: 2.7
  • Offroad: 4.2

The Auto Union Type D packs a punch with an 8.4 Speed stat alongside being one of the most unique-looking Rally cars on this list. Its set of other stats may leave a lot to be desired, but with the right tuneups, this car will look and perform like a beast.

What’s the best Rally car in Forza Horizon 5?

The best-in-class car is the Hoonigan Ford “Hoonicorn” Mustang 1965. The unparalleled Speed stat paired with its generous Handling score makes it the ideal choice amongst Forza Horizon 5’s offerings.

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Alternatively, the Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A 1991 is a great option, featuring a similar set of decently stacked stats as the Hoonicorn, just from a slightly different approach.

Despite these cars helping to ensure that you’ll be able to dominate in Rally races, don’t be put off by choosing something that really appeals to you, even if it’s not on the above list.

Utilizing the right tuneups and upgrades for your car of choice can help it to perform well in any of your favorite race or driving styles – so be sure to experiment.

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Best cars in Forza Horizon 5

While our best Rally cars list will help you to navigate the terrain of Mexico in FH5, make sure to check out our fastest cars lists, alongside all you need to know about the best and fastest drag, drift, offroad, and retro vehicles.

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So, there you have it – everything you need to know about Forza Horizon 5’s best Rally cars.

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