Apex Legends player wins Apex Pack lottery with double Heirloom packs

Alec Mullins
Heirloom pack opening screen in Apex Legends - complete with red lights and all.Respawn Entertainment

Heirlooms are an incredibly rare pull in Apex Legends. It’s common for even dedicated players to spend months chasing these items but one player got away with highway robbery with their most recent pack opening. 

In many ways, heirlooms are viewed as a medal of honor in the Apex Legends community.

The low drop rate for these extraordinary items means that only the most extreme players ever end up collecting even a single one of the game’s 11 unique, custom-made offerings. These character-specific items have no effect on a player’s gameplay but they serve as a beautiful cosmetic addition to any Legend.

That’s why players are freaking out after watching one lucky Legend hit the absolute jackpot when opening a few stray Apex packs over on Reddit.

Apex Legends player hits the jackpot with heirloom packs

Apex Legends Heirloom Shards Apex PacksRespawn Entertainment
These heirloom shards are the object of desire for many longtime Apex players but that’s not the case for Moja, whose insane luck has the Apex community

In the intro, Moja shows some impressive luck already in the form of the Necro Nightmare skin for Revenant.

This skin was one of the Legendaries from this year’s Monsters Within event and is a good grab on its own. Things immediately escalate however after he opens the next pack and receives a set of heirloom shards.

The chances of getting two high-rarity rewards in a row are tough enough, but it doesn’t stop there – after opening another pack, he’s greeted with the second heirloom in a row.

The rest of the community was in disbelief, with one user commenting: “You’ve successfully used up all your luck in this life.”

Another commenter added: “Congratulations bro! I hope you stub both your pinky toes going up a flight of stairs.”

Even Respawn’s own Emre Ruhi got in on the fun saying: “cool now I’m freakin jealous and I’ve had all the ‘looms since wombs.”

It’s unclear whether this was a wild stroke of luck or some kind of glitch but the dev team clearly isn’t bothered by the occurrence. The player, on the other hand, might as well have won the lottery.