Forza Motorsport Car Leveling guide: Fast XP, AFK method, upgrades & more

Collection of classic muscle cars racing in Forza Motorsport.Xbox Game Studios

Forza Motorsport inroduces a new system that sees Credits given the backseat and Car Levels take its place. Here’s everything you need to know about Car Leveling in Forza Motorsport including the fastest XP, best AFK method. and every upgrade available.

One of the biggest changes in Forza Motorsport is the addition of a new RPG-like Car Leveling system. While previously you would simply spend Credits to upgrade cars you are now required to level them up instead.

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This mechanic has been added to try and address Forza’s long-term progression issue. Rather than having players showered in cars that they’ll never touch, Turn 10 hopes this will encourage racers to grow a meaningful connection with their garage.


How Car Levels works in Forza Motorsport

To purchase upgrades in Forza Motorsport you require car levels and Car Points (CP). Levels are gained by completing track segments while CP is gained by leveling your car up and completing specific objectives.

The maximum level you can reach on a car is Level 50. This will grant you access to every upgrade available for that specific car and 20,000 CP.

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Completing a track segment will always grant experience, but there are methods to increase the experience gained per segment. Here are all the methods to gain additional Car XP in Forza Motorsport:

  • Great Segment: 50 CXP
  • Good Segment: 25 CXP
  • Personal Best Segment: 20 CXP (Practice only)
  • Overtake: 10 CXP

As car leveling is tied to completing segments it’s faster to level up cars that can complete more laps in less time. The slower the car, the slower your experience rates will be and the longer it will take to reach Level 50.

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Upgraded Subaru WRX in Forza Motorsport.Xbox Game Studios
Both cosmetic and performance upgrades in Forza Motorsport can be equipped after leveling up to the required Car Level.

Forza Motorsport: All upgrades & required Car Levels

Every upgrade is unlocked at a specific car level. The level required to unlock a specific upgrade type is the same on every eligible car in Forza Motorsport.

Here are all Forza Motorsport’s car upgrades and the Car Levels required to unlock them:

Fuel and Air

  • Exhaust – Level 1
  • Air Filter – Level 1
  • Intake Manifold and Throttle Body – Level 1
  • Restrictor Plate – Level 1
  • Fuel System – Level 8
  • Ignition – Level 11
  • Turbo – Level 20
  • Intercooler – Level 20


  • Oil and Cooling – Level 1
  • Flywheel – Level 6
  • Camshaft – Level 23
  • Valves – Level 26
  • Displacement – Level 30
  • Pistons and Compression – Level 35

Platform and Handling

  • Brakes – Level 1
  • Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage – Level 1
  • Ballast – Level 1
  • Front Ant-roll Bars – Level 4
  • Rear Anti-roll Bars – Level 4
  • Spring and Dampers – Level 8
  • Weight Reduction – Level 20


  • Front Tire Width – Level 2
  • Rear Tire Width – Level 2
  • Tire Compound – Level 11
Honda Civic race car locked turbo upgade until level 20 in Forza Motorsport.Xbox Game Studios
The required Car Level for each upgrade type is the same for every car in Forza Motorsport.


  • Stock Wheel Style – Level 2
  • Custom Wheels (A-Z) – Level 2


  • Clutch – Level 7
  • Transmission – Level 9
  • Differential – Level 9
  • Driveline – Level 10

Aero and Appearance

  • Rear Wing – Level 12
  • Front Bumper – Level 15
  • Rear Bumper – Level 15
  • Hood – Level 15
  • Side Skirts – Level 15


  • Engine Swap – Level 40
  • Body Kit – Level 45
  • Drivetrain Swap – Level 50

Forza Motorsport: Fastest XP Car Leveling method

The fastest method to earn XP and level up cars in Forza Motorsport is to hot lap in either Free Play or Rivals. Simply race around the track over and over putting up the best lap times possible.

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To optimize further it’s best to pick a track you are confident racing and can lap consistently fast on. Also, lapping technical circuits with more segments like Nurburgring GP and Suzuka can boost CXP rates.

Ferrari F40 lapping Nurburgring GP to get fast car levels in Forza Motorsport.Xbox Game Studios
Completing segments quickly rewards a better score and more Car XP (CXP).

Forza Motorsport: AFK XP Car Leveling method

It’s possible to level up any car in Forza Motorsport without playing the game, holding your controller, or even looking at your screen. Although this method is slower than the above strategy it requires next to no human input.

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For this AFK method, load into a Free Play race using Advanced Event Setup and select the following settings:

  • Game type: Circuit Race
  • Race Length: Custom
  • Track: Le Mans – Circuit International de la Sarthe
  • Track layout: Old Mulsanne Circuit
  • Number of laps: 20+
  • Number of Drivatars: 0
  • Event rules presets: Club Rules

Once loaded into the event select the following Driving Assists:

  • Braking: Fully Assisted
  • Throttle: Assisted
  • Steering: Fully Assisted
  • Shifting: Automatic

Now begin the race and your car will automatically drive itself around Le Mans. Le Mans is a great track for this as it’s relatively easy to drive allowing the AI to get high segment scores and earn Car XP faster.

Every 15 minutes or so you will need to move your controller to avoid getting timed out of the session. Otherwise, feel free to kick back and what the CXP roll in.

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