Where to find all Snowmando Outpost locations in Fortnite

Daniel Megarry

You’ll need to visit all five Snowmando Outposts if you want to complete the Operation Snowdown quests in Fortnite. Here’s where you can find them.

Fortnite’s winter update, Operation Snowdown, brought with it a number of exciting new additions for players to enjoy including snow covering parts of the map, several weapons including The Big Chill and Dragon’s Breath Sniper, and new NPCs to meet.

There are also several Snowdown quests to take on, which will bag you some pretty sweet rewards along the way. If you manage to complete them all, you’ll get two new skins: the Frost Squad outfit and Snowmando himself.

One of these quests requires you to visit every Snowmando Outpost on the map, and another requires you to open five chests at Snowmando Outposts. You can save time by completing both of these quests simultaneously.

Where to find snowman outposts in Fortnite

Snowmando Outpost locations on Fortnite map
Snowmando Outpost locations on the Fortnite map.

There are a total of five Snowmando Outposts to visit on The Island. You can see their locations on the map above, and there’s a list below:

  1. West of the Log Jam building, which is just south of Holly Hedges.
  2. Overlooking Hydro 16, southeast of Weeping Woods.
  3. On the snow-covered mountains southeast of Catty Corner.
  4. Along the coast southeast of Stormy Stacks.
  5. This one is just west of Pleasant Park.

You could choose to simply land at a new outpost each time you play, but if you’re feeling impatient, you might be able to visit them all in one match with the help of another new Operation Snowdown addition: the X-4 Stormwing.

Yes, planes are back for Operation Snowdown. Even better, a few of them can be found waiting outside every Snowmando Outpost, meaning you’ll pretty much always have access to one if you land near an outpost at the beginning of the game.

Snowmando Outpost Catty Corner Fortnite
This Snowmando Outpost can be found in the mountains southeast of Catty Corner.

Our best advice to complete this challenge is to land at the nearest outpost to the Battle Bus’ flight path as quickly as possible, grab yourself a plane, then make your way to the other four outposts using the map above.

If you pay attention to the outposts that will be engulfed by the storm first and visit them in order, you might even be able to tick off all five outposts in one match, swapping planes when you run out of fuel.

The reward for visiting each Snowmando Outpost is the uncommon Frost In Action loading screen, and the reward for opening five chests at Snowmando Outposts is the rare Shield Surprise back bling.

Remember, if you manage to complete nine Operation Snowdown quests, you’ll get the Snowmando skin, and if you complete all 12 of them, you’ll get the Frost Squad skin.

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