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Where to collect a vase of flowers at Lazy Lake in Fortnite

Published: 18/Aug/2021 12:33

by Daniel Megarry


In a break from all of Doctor Slone’s espionage quests, one of Fortnite’s Week 11 Legendary challenges asks players to simply collect a vase of flowers from Lazy Lake.

Most of the weekly challenges in Fortnite Season 7 so far have been related to the storyline, which sees the Imagined Order (led by Doctor Slone) face off against the alien invaders, whose intentions on the Island remain a mystery.

But for Week 11, it looks like we’re taking some time off from all the spying and infiltrating to… collect a vase of flowers? While it’s not the most interesting quest, as long as players are getting their XP, we’re sure they won’t be complaining.


This challenge goes live on Wednesday, August 18, at 10AM ET (3PM BST) and we’ve got the locations of all the vases of flowers you can find at Lazy Lake to make completing this challenge a breeze.

Fortnite vase of flowers
Epic Games
These are the flowers you’re looking for.

Fortnite vase of flowers locations at Lazy Lake

There are multiple locations where you can collect a vase of flowers at Lazy Lake, which we’ve marked on the map below. They’re typically hidden inside or near buildings like the car dealership and the gym.

Here’s where you can find a vase of flowers in Fortnite:

  • Inside the reception of the car dealership at the center of Lazy Lake.
  • Next to the pool at the building southeast of Lazy Lake.
  • Outside the gym at the spa building, which is southeast of the gas station.
Fortnite Vase of Flowers Lazy Lake locations
Epic Games
Here’s where you’ll find vases of flowers in Fortnite.

You only need to find and collect one vase of flowers to complete this quest and earn that 30,000 XP reward to put towards your Battle Pass progress, so it shouldn’t take you too long to complete.


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