Twitch streamer claims Fortnite copied his appearance for skin

Fortnite skinEpic Games/Riot/PeteyPlastic

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Petey Plastic is calling out Epic Games after a skin, which he believes is a carbon copy of himself, was added to the game.

Petey is a fast-rising streamer, boasting nearly 19K followers on Twitch. His LGBTQIA+ rapper persona has certainly connected with a lot of people, leading to his success and popularity.

That popularity may not come without some negatives, however. The streamer is now accusing Epic Games of using his likeness for a skin in Fortnite and needless to say, he is not happy about it.

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Taking to Twitter and YouTube, the streamer called out Epic Games in a series of tweets and a video.

“Being that I’m an official Fortnite creator with Epic Games, I’m honestly hella salty they made a character extremely similar to my appearance,” he said and posted photos of the Cuddle King skin next to a picture of himself. “Like almost a carbon copy down to the bracelet… At least name the skin after me or something.”

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On YouTube, the entertainer continued to lay into Epic and described all the similarities between his own attire and the skin.

“This skin happens to have heart-shaped glasses, like I always wear. My fur coat that I wear to all the events, including TwitchCon. The tattoos, although they’re not the same exact tattoos, the tattoos are all over the arm, just like my picture,” Petey explained.

According to the streamer, he’d maintained this image for many years, so it’s not anything new, whereas the skin is. What also makes this upsetting for him is that Epic does make skins for content creators, such as Ninja, and acknowledges them.

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Speaking to Dexerto, Petey said he was talking to his lawyer about potentially taking this to court. “I’m currently in talks with my lawyer to sue Epic Games due to the character being close in appearance to my logo I’ve been using on twitch for 3+ years,” he said.

Although that would be a worst-case scenario, he wants to reach a resolution with Epic and hopes that the company will name the skin after him.

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We’ll have to see what comes of these accusations and how Epic responds, especially if the streamer follows through with his legal threats.

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