Pokimane hits back at haters claiming she uses a “fake persona” on Twitch

Published: 11/Feb/2021 16:23

by Jacob Hale


Like many female streamers, Pokimane is no stranger to receiving hate on the internet — but she’s now hit back at those accusing her of having a “fake persona.”

Pokimane has spent the last few years as one of the most popular female streamers out there, accruing millions of followers across her social media channels and building a solid career for herself.

That said, with that much support comes a lot of hate, too, and Poki often bears the brunt of it without complaining. Sometimes, though, it goes too far, and now she has called out those who make accusations against her and send hate her way.

In a tweet posted late on February 10, Poki says that because “people are gonna sh*t on me no matter what I do, I might as well do whatever the f**k I want.”

This is a very strong stance and one that was heavily appreciated by many of her peers, with the likes of NICKMERCS and Karl Jacobs showing their support in the replies.

Pokimane expanded on her point during her Twitch stream the same day, saying that while she knows her fans don’t love her drawing attention to negative comments, it’s something she needs to talk about.

“It is so crazy to me to see stuff like this,” she says, reading out a hateful comment about her on Twitter. “Here’s one thing I’ve noticed: people will twist things into the very worst, most sensationalized, clickbait title they can be.”

She then explained what she believed the comment was referring to, before adding: “The cherry on top is, not only are you going to summarize my existence to ‘Every time you’re nice it’s just fake,’… The cherry on top is it doesn’t even matter if I ever apologize because then people are just going to say the apology’s bad.”

It goes without saying, and understandably so, Pokimane has had enough of comments such as these, something she has to put up with on a daily basis. She goes on to say how “demoralizing” it is to see these types of comments when she’s constantly trying to self-improve.

Whether this makes some of her haters online reconsider their stance remains to be seen, but it’s always worth remembering that our favorite content creators are people, too.


Why is #FreeTommy trending? Tommyinnit responds after shock TikTok ban

Published: 25/Feb/2021 1:46

by Brad Norton


Popular Minecraft YouTuber Tommyinnit has become a major trend across social media again as the internet celebrity had his TikTok account banned out of nowhere.

Tommyinnit has been one of the fastest-growing stars on the internet of late. From remarkable Twitch viewership to staggering income, his growth across a number of social platforms has been something to behold. Though there was one major setback in his way for a short period.

The popular personality was suddenly removed from TikTok on February 24. Seemingly without reason, the platform banned Tommyinnit’s account which had just climbed to over four million followers.

“TikTok just banned me,” he revealed on Twitter.

“Crushed. I am absolutely crushed. Please TikTok,” he added with a hashtag that went on to trend in a matter of minutes. “#FreeTommy.”

Having trended on Twitter just days prior, this latest viral moment comes as a result of the bad news. Thousands of loyal fans immediately jumped on the trend, spamming #FreeTommy across social media to get it trending.

There’s no denying the enormous community support had an impact as Tommy’s account was restored in under an hour.

Hundreds of tweets and thousands of impressions later, his TikTok account was back to normal. All of his videos were brought back to the platform and the creator was free to engage with fans once again.

There’s currently no telling why the sudden ban came through in the first place, however. The 16-year-old has just 18 videos on TikTok at the time of writing, most of which are simple close-ups on his face.

#FreeTommy trends on Twitter.
#FreeTommy shot to the number one trend worldwide in a matter of minutes.

While the controversy was short-lived, it goes to show that even the biggest social media stars can have their profiles erased in the blink of an eye. 

TikTok is yet to explain the reason behind this shock ban, though we’ll be sure to keep you updated if any further information comes to light.