TV star Dr. Phil now wants his own Fortnite skin

John Esposito
Fortnite Dr. Phil wants to be in the game

In an insane turn of events, TV star Dr. Phil asks “Fortnite creators” to put the personality in the game.

Veterans and newcomers alike know one of the major successes of Fortnite is how Epic Games has managed to amass a large number of celebrities and popular media in the game for fans to use.

Open up the shop, and the likes of rapper Eminem, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Weeknd, and more are all options for player usage.

Epic Games has managed to do what was “deemed” impossible at one point with its cosmetic push, and it seems the roster of cosmetics may see another huge addition after this well-known personality asks to be in Fortnite.

Dr. Phil wants his own Fortnite skin

In a clip shared on Twitter/X by HappyPower, the reality TV star is caught in a rather elaborate setup, where he’s presumably playing Fortnite.

“Hold on chat,” Dr. Phil starts. “Hey Fortnite creators, what do I gotta do to get my own character?” He goes on to mention Eminem has three skins compared to his zero.

“I need my own character, come on!”

The replies to the video were flooded with support for the good doctor’s in-game appearance. “PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN,” one fan excitedly replied. Many others shared similar feelings, all tagging the official Fortnite account to make it a dream come true.

Others pointed out the absurdity of Dr. Phil’s setup, as they pointed out there’s no way he was actually playing Fortnite.

“Keyboard in front of a MacBook that can’t have Fortnite installed on it,” one fan laughed.

Fortnite’s portfolio speaks for itself, so don’t be surprised if Dr. Phil somehow makes his way into the game.