Clix claims classic Fortnite skins not seen for “thousands of days” will return in new bundle

Josh Taylor
Twitch streamer Clix and Fortnite skin.

Clix has alleged that he will be teaming up with Fortnite once again to bring back his original skin and cosmetic bundle, as well as release a brand-new Clix pack with several OG cosmetics.

The top Twitch streamer and Fortnite creator partnered with Epic Games to launch his Clix Locker Bundle in Chapter 4 Season 3. This included the Sparkplug skin, Scrappy Back Bling and numerous other hand-picked cosmetics.

On June 13, Clix was streaming on Twitch when he made the claims to his viewers that his previous and new bundle would be arriving shortly in Fortnite’s Item Shop during Chapter 5 Season 3:

“June 24, in two weeks. I am bringing my bundle, the full Clix bundle and then I’m having another bundle after that. It is going to be a whole different bundle, that’s going to be hella OG s**t that hasn’t been out in f**king thousands of days, that just looks sick as f**k.”

It is unknown what skins or cosmetics this new Clix bundle will include and the streamer has not stated a release date for the alleged upcoming bundle.

Epic has yet to confirm if either of these Clix bundles will be coming to Fortnite. However, this hasn’t stopped players from speculating which classic skins and cosmetics will be included.

Many called for different old collab skins to finally make their return, such as the OG Kratos, Travis Scott and Marvel skins. Despite this, trusted leaker and Fortnite creator HYPEX shut these down, “Definitely not collabs, I don’t think Locker Bundles can have those.”

Others turned their attention to the legendary original Chapter 1 skins and cosmetics, “I mean maybe it’s Renegade Raider, Epic did say anything could come back at any time.” The fan-favorite skin has often been demanded by the community but hasn’t been available since 2017.

Another added: “Praying for Fresh or possibly Kiss the Cup since Clix is goated.” This refers to two emotes that only appeared in the Item Shop once during Chapter 1. The Kiss the Cup emote hasn’t reappeared in Fortnite for nearly 2000 days and the Fresh emote has been out of rotation for over 2000 days.

As soon as Epic or Clix confirms more information regarding his claimed skin and cosmetic bundles appearing in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, we’ll keep you updated.