xQc slams CoD for selling Nicki Minaj skin after removing NICKMERCS’

Declan Mclaughlin

Popular streamer xQc slammed Activision for keeping rapper Nicki Minaj’s skin in Call of Duty despite removing NICKMERCS’ operator due to his controversial remarks in 2023.

While playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, xQc spoke to his stream chat about Operator skins, specifically NICKMERCS’ removed skin and Nicki Minaj’s cosmetics.

“How come they take off NICKMERCS’ f****** Operator for one thing he says, and they don’t remove Nicki Minaj, and she’s been going off her f****** rocker on some crack-head sh**?” the streamer said on Kick.

NICKMERCS came under fire in June 2023 for his response to a video showing a brawl that ensued between pro and anti-LGBT demonstrators outside of a California school board meeting over recognizing Pride Month. His post on social media about the situation sparked controversy because he defended the anti-LGBT protestors.

In response, the FaZe Clan content creator took a long break from streaming the title and claimed that his comments were not meant to hurt anyone.

The “crack-head sh**” xQc mentioned was Minaj’s recent social media tirade and beef with Megan Thee Stallion. The feud between the two rappers started when Megan released the song ‘Hiss,’ where fans thought she threw some shade toward Minaj. During this time, Minaj had been posting a slew of eye-popping comments across social media and lashed out at Megan in a viral Instagram livestream.

xQc statement implies that there is a double standard from Activision toward controversial figures and their inclusion in CoD. The comparison, in this writer’s opinion, might not be as simple as the streamer makes it out to be as NICKMERCS is considered one of the faces of Call of Duty, while Minaj doesn’t interact with the game or its community nearly as much.

Activision might feel different if Minaj comes out and does something controversial while representing CoD, but the two’s situations are completely different.

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