Fortnite roasted for “copying” Roblox with new update

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite vs Roblox covers

Fortnite is being roasted by Roblox players for copying the latter with its new appearance update. Here’s what fans said.

Epic Games’ Battle Royale title Fortnite made some significant changes with update 29.10 to its discovery screen. Now, the game tiles under Discover are square-shaped instead of the former rectangle one and it’s a rather unexpected change for some players.

On the other hand, the Roblox player community is accusing Fortnite of copying their style of displaying game tiles for creator-made islands. “Woah this new Roblox update looks awesome”, said renowned Roblox YouTuber KreekCraft while reposting the news on his X page.

“Lol, Roblox and Fortnite are switching”, replied another player, while pointing out an upcoming Roblox update that will bring 16:9 tiles to games instead of the current square ones. A third user chimed in, “They are slowly turning into Roblox they already got the Lego skins now square titles.”

A fourth one said, “Well they’re copying us. Fortnite vs Roblox.” A fifth user commented, “Bro everyone making such a big deal that they stole from Roblox. It’s literally just square icons, pretty much every game has that like wdym bro?”

This is not the first time players have accused Fortnite of copying an in-game feature or plans for upcoming ones. Most recently shortly after State of Unreal 2024, fans started slamming Epic for turning Fortnite’s discovery into YouTube, since it will soon allow you to follow your creators on the game as well as social media.

Regardless, Epic continues to push its consistent updates and has promised the players to bring significant changes to UI, locker, and the Item Shop in the coming months. Furthermore, the game is all set to receive a first-person mode this year which has the community thrilled for the future of Fortnite.

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