Nick Eh 30 fans hit back at players calling his Fortnite Icon skin “cringe”

Rishabh Sabarwal
Nick Eh 30 King style Icon skin

Fans of Canadian Fortnite streamer Nick Eh 30 are defending his Icon Series skin after players call it “trash” and “cringe.”

Popular Fortnite streamer Nick Eh 30 announced his Icon Series skin in a stream on June 11, revealing his full cosmetic set that will soon arrive in the game. The set includes one outfit with two selectable styles, a pickaxe that makes an “EHHHH” sound when you hit a player, a back bling, an emoticon, spray, emote, and a Jam Track made by Epic and Nick himself.

Nick also released a 3-minute music video of his Jam Track titled ‘Never Back Down,’ where the streamer can be seen rapping about his 7-year-long Fortnite journey. In the Twitch livestream, he also explained the process he went through with Epic to bring the collab to fruition.

However, some players in the community who prefer the OG side of Fortnite called the skin, emote, and Jam Track “cringe” and “trash.” One such player asked, “What is this trash?” Another argued, “Love to see it”.

A third said, “Nobody knows who this man is. Why does he have a Fortnite skin?” A fourth person wrote, “I can’t wait to boogie bomb somebody in this skin.”

On the other hand, Nick’s fans hit back at the haters, with saying, “Common NickEh30 W.” Another commented, “Nice this skin will break the internet.” A third user wrote, “Well deserved.”

Fans even called his Jam Track a “banger” and rooted for Nick’s hustle and his Icon Skin release. Moreover, the cosmetic skin is also being called one of the best Creator Icon Series skins to date.

To those wondering, the skin will be released in the Item Shop on June 15, 2024 at 8 PM ET. However, players can get it for free by placing on top of the leaderboard at Nick Eh 30 Cup tournament on June 12.

Nick has also announced that those who get 30 eliminations in the tournament will get the free “You Think You’re The King?” emote.