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Three Fortnite pros dropped by team after FNCS cheating allegations

Published: 22/Apr/2020 7:18

by Andrew Amos


Three North American Fortnite console pros have been dropped by their organization after the trio had cheating allegations leveled against them during the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) grand finals.

The finals of the FNCS Duos event for Chapter 2: Season 2 have been marred with controversy in the console division.

During the grand final, three players across two duos ⁠— all from the same org ⁠— have been accused of colluding with each other to ensure one of the pairs got a better placing. While Epic hasn’t rescinded their winnings, they have since been dropped from the organization.

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Ruben, Drew, and Fayde ⁠— all part of Fortnite team Talon ⁠— were participating in the NA-West console division of the FNCS across two separate duos.


According to ‘paul1x’, who ended up winning the event, the three players intentionally dropped into the same area to ensure Ruben and Drew got more points. Paul was in a duo with zScary, who was also a part of Talon.

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He shared a number of screenshots on Twitter after his own success, which showed Fayde and Drew discussing where they would drop together. After the pairs agreed on dropping Salty, Ruben made the comment “don’t make it obvious,” as it was the final game of their heats.

Under section 8.2.2 of the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 Official Rules, players may not work together to deceive or otherwise cheat other players during any match…[including agreeing] to land at specific locations or to move through the map in a planned way.”


The duo had qualified after winning both Week 2 and Week 3 of the NA-West console division of FNCS. Their final game in heats secured them a place in the finals, finishing second and getting 15 eliminations.

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Gameplay has since been released by YouTuber ‘The Fortnite Guy,’ who called on Epic to ban the players, similarly to how Bucke, Kreo, Keys, and Slackes were punished. The four players were suspended for 60 days after colluding in the FNCS Warmup event just a few weeks ago.

Ruben, Drew, and Fayde have since apologized for their actions, saying they’ve learned from their mistakes. They were also released from their organization, who issued a statement saying they don’t condone the players’ actions.


“We don’t condone the actions of what these players have done and will not stand for it,” Talon management said in an April 21 statement. “We apologize for their actions and to those it may have affected.”

Epic Games are yet to release a statement on the allegations, but if they are proven to be true, they are likely to affect the standings of the FNCS grand final. Drew and Ruben ended up placing in 15th, earning $875 each in the grand final played on April 19.

The next season of the Fortnite Champion Series is yet to be announced.